"The Night Before Christmas...."
by Team Johny Cache
N 51º 45.593'  E 004º 41.150' (WGS84)
Country: Netherlands
Hidden on: December 8, 2002

Special temporary Christmas cache active annually during the Holiday Season.

It's that time of year again! As of December 4th, 2005 "The Night Before Christmas" cache will be active again! From that date the cache can be found on the above mentioned coordinates until January 1st, 2006. Then it will be made "temporarily unavailable" again until next year's Holiday Season.

The cache is filled with all kinds of Christmas and Holiday Season related items. The cache also contains "The Night Before Christmas" cache certificate. If you take something from the cache, you'll have to trade it for another Christmas or Holiday Season related item. You can take one item and one certificate per team. As every year we again tried to fill the cache with a new high quality content. The cache also contains some goodies that were left by visitors of last year. Please try to keep up the high quality of the content. Leave something nice for your fellow geocachers, after all, it is Christmas! You can buy something nice for as little as a euro.

The cache is hidden in Polder de Biesbosch near the town of Dordrecht. Park your car at N 51º 45.674' E 004º 41.595'. From there it's a relaxed winter walk to the cache. Pay attention to the rich birdlife in the area. There are lots of ducks, geese, swans, grey herons, cormorants, coots, and great crested grebes, and the air often is filled with their sounds. There are also a lot of small birds like the robin. The area also hosts animals like hare and roedeer. If you walk via N 51º 45.545' E 004º 41.191' and N 51º 45.625' E 004º 41.446' you'll walk the most scenic route.

At "Paviljoen de Viersprong" near the parking place you can get a nice hot chocolate or a glühwein in a wonderful christmas ambiance. If there's ice it's also a great spot for skating.

On 16, 17, and 18 december, 2005 in the historical towncenter of Dordrecht again the biggest and most popular christmas fair in the Netherlands will be held. A visit to this fair is highly recommended. More information: www.kerstmarktdordrecht.nl

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional hints:   Ng gur onfr bs gur guveq gerr sebz gur cngu. Haqre zbff, yrnirf naq gerr ybtf. Guveq gerr unf ybg bs zbff pbire.

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Travel Bugs seen in this cache

Latest News

November 10, 2005
The Night Before Christmas cache will be active again as of December 4th, 2005!

January 5, 2005
Cache temporarily disabled. With over 30 visitors, this again was a succesful season for the cache. Thanks for visiting and to all a Happy 2005! Hopefully we will be able to activate the cache again next Holiday Season.

November 29, 2004
The Night Before Christmas cache will be active again as of December 5th, 2004!

January 6, 2004
Cache temporarily disabled. Hopefully it will be active again during the 2004 Holiday Season.
The cache's second season was quite succesful with a total of 27 visitors. Thanks to all geocachers for visiting and to all best wishes for the year 2004!

November 11, 2003
The Night Before Christmas cache will be active again as of December 7th, 2003!

January 1, 2003
Cache removed and temporarily disabled until next year's holiday season.

December 10, 2002
The Night Before Christmas cache gets first visit! Congratulations to TeQ99 for being there first!

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