We placed this cache on one of our many vacation trips to Lapland and Northern Norway. At the time gc.com still allowed "vacation caches".
Being a "Lappin Hulu", which is the Sami (Lapp) name for a person who, having been to Lapland and having fallen under its unique spell, feels the gnawing to return, I really had to leave a cache there. A cache which would witness the midnightsun for me in summer and the magical northern lights in winter.
We had great difficulties finding a suitable hiding place due to the snow. We spent the whole day driving around and finally found a good snow free spot in the hills overlooking Kautokeino, the Sami village where we had traditionally spent a couple of days to attend the annual Sami Easter Festival.
At the time of hiding it was the third northernmost cache in the world! It took one and a half year for the cache to see its first finder!

by Team Johny Cache
N 68º 59.160'  E 023º 02.027' (WGS-84)
Country: Norway
Hidden on: April 1, 2002

The Kautokeino cache is hidden near the Sami (Lapp) village of Kautokeino in Finnmark province in Northern Norway.

The cache is a small tupperware-like container measuring only 11x11x9 centimeters, and is wrapped in a dark-grey plastic bag. The cache originally contained some Dutch souvenirs including a miniature Delfts Blue porcelain clog and windmill, and a pin of Holland.

We've hidden the cache while on vacation in Northern Norway, and thus will not be able to regulary check the cache, which is located about 2100 kilometers from our home in the Netherlands! We therefore rely on other visiting geocachers to more or less "maintain" the cache and take good care of it. Please hide the cache again exactly as you found it and cover it well, so that it wil not be accidentally discovered by non-geocachers. Please put the logbook back in the resealable bag. Please leave the logbook, the pencil, the pencil sharpener, and the geocaching card in the cache. All other items can be exchanged for an item of your own.

If you found the cache, please let us know the condition the cache is in. If you're not going to log your visit on www.geocaching.com (which we do prefer though), please let us know that you found the cache by e-mailing us at jc@jcgeocaching.nl.

Although there was snow all around at the time we placed the cache, the spot we hid it at was clear. In other winters though a combination of different wind and snow conditions might cover the cache with snow and make it impossible to find. So there might be a chance this is a summer-only cache. But if you're in the neighbourhood, don't hesitate to give this cache a try in winter also!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional hints:   Jrfg fvqr bs ebnq. Haqre fbzr ebpxf oruvaq ovt ebpx.

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

The Kautokeino Cache is the seventh northernmost cache in the world (the third at the time of hiding). The fifteen northernmost caches are (July 2002):

As North As It Gets! (N 82º 30.720' Canada)
Bug Me (N 71º 17.280' Alaska)
Tromsø Paperback Cache (N 69º 45.008' Norway)
Lakes (N 69º 32.177' Finland)
69 North (N 69º 22.507' Norway)
Gryllefjord Parabolic (N 69º 21.712' Norway)
Kautokeino (N 68º 59.160' Norway)
Circe Nord (N 68º 58.486' Norway)
utsiden.no #2 - Vesterålen (68º 34.600' Norway)
Riksgränsen (N 68º 26.381' Sweden)
Pines (N 68º 22.347' Finland)
Abisko (N 68º 21.858' Sweden)
Queen Mountain (N 68º 14.544' Norway)
Lofoten (N 68º 12.590' Norway)
Northern Stars (N 67º 36.434' Finland)

Latest News

September 23, 2003
Finally after one and a half year the Kautokeino cache gets its first visit!! Congratulations to GunnarO for being there first!

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