"Arctic Circle"
by Team Johny Cache
N 66º 44.112'  E 015º 28.114' (WGS-84)
Country: Norway
Hidden on: April 18, 2002

The Arctic Circle cache is located just north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.

The cache is a tupperware-like container measuring only 12x8x5 centimeters, and is wrapped in a dark-grey plastic bag. The cache originally contained a seahorse refridgerator magnet, a wooden ladybug, and some Dutch Euro coins.

We've hidden the cache while on vacation in Northern Norway, and thus will not be able to regularly check the cache, which is located about 1750 kilometers from our home in the Netherlands! We therefore rely on other visiting geocachers to more or less "maintain" the cache and take good care of it. Please hide the cache again exactly as you found it, so that non-geocachers will not find it. Please put the logbook back in the resealable bag. Please leave the logbook, the pencil, the pencil sharpener, and the geocaching letters in the cache. All other items can be exchanged for an item of your own.

Please take good care of this beautiful area. Except when there's snow, there's no digging needed to find the cache.

Deep snow cover might make it impossible to find the cache, so this might be a summer-only cache. But if you're in the neighbourhood, don't hesitate to give it a try in winter also!

If you found the cache, please let us know the condition the cache is in. If you're not going to log your visit on www.geocaching.com (which we do prefer though), please let us know that you found the cache by e-mailing us at jc@jcgeocaching.nl.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional hints:   Va ubyr haqre ebpxf, 2 zrgref fbhgu bs gerr jvgu cvrpr bs terra ebcr.

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Latest News

May 8, 2002
The Arctic Circle Cache gets first visit! Congratulations to rosvarli from Norway for being there first!
Shown in the photo to the left is rosvarli with the Arctic Circle Geocache.

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