Even though it's in my hometown, I didn't know about the existence of this place until I read about it in a local newspaper article. This old castle ruin seemed like a perfect place to hide my first micro-cache. I took a short car ride to where I thought it should be and quickly located the ruin. I was instantly charmed by the place, with its big, beautiful chestnut trees trying to keep the 14th century castle ruin a secret. It's a strange, tranquil place, amidst the modern-day industry, warehouses, and the city jail making up this part of town. People are surprised when they first find this place, and even many local geocachers never knew about this ruin until they went there in search of the cache.
We had just seen the movie Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp, and the ruin reminded us of the ruin Edward lives in in the movie. So why not call it Edward Scissorhands' Cache?

"Edward Scissorhands' Cache"
by Team Johny Cache
N 51º 49.288'  E 004º 42.727' (WGS-84)
Country: Netherlands
Hidden on: September 13, 2003

Urban cache in the town of Dordrecht

Easy to reach small cache at a hidden historical place on the Merwede river. Travel back in time to the 14th century!

At N 51º 49.288' E 004º 42.727' on the bank of the Merwede river once stood a mighty castle. It was built during the first half of the 14th century. Its founder, Lord Daniel van der Merwede, had been residing in a smaller castle at the same site since 1307. A new and bigger castle was built because the smaller one was almost completely demolished.
In the year 1410 the castle was in possession of Margeretha van der Merwede. The mighty castle still stood proud watching out over the Merwede river.
But in 1418 the tide turned... Duke Jan IV of Brabant (unsuccesfully) besieged the town of Dordrecht and he and his wife occupied the castle. The inhabitants of Dordrecht destroyed the castle out of revenge, and afterwards for many years the remains of the castle were used as a quarry for stone-building materials. In those times people had to pay so-called stone-fines when they had made an offense such as disturbing the public peace. The stone-fines were collected to gather enough building material for the rebuilding of the Great Church of Dordrecht.
In 1421 the flood of St. Elizabeth completely demolished the remains of the castle, and the flood had turned the site into an isolated little isle.
It wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century that the land was completely reclaimed and the site once again was connected to the shore of Dordrecht.
The flood of St. Elizabeth washed away all of the remains of the castle, almost all..... as today something still remains for the geocacher to be discovered. And there also a small cache has been hidden, in what once was a mighty castle on the bank of the Merwede river.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional hints: va n ubyr ba gur pbapergr jnyy haqre fbzr fgbarf

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Latest News

January 20, 2007
After the micro again having been vandalized, we've decided to replace the micro with a "small" container at a slightly different location (not in the old wall of the ruin itself as with the previous versions of this cache.) I'm still not confident that this hiding place is vandalize-proof, but hopefully the cache will stay undiscovered by geo-muggels for a longer time this time. Coordinates and hint have been changed!

July 5, 2004
Cache is back. Coordinates and hint have been changed!

June 7, 2004
Cache is stolen. We will replace the cache as soon as possible.

September 16, 2003
Edward Scissorhands' Cache gets first visit! Congratulations to Eastwood Team for being there first!

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