The Dutch-American Geocache Exchange

Holland - Yellowstone
The International Geocache Exchange

An international geocache exchange involves the exchange of a new, fully prepared geocache with a geocacher from a different country. The caches are filled with items unique to each cacher's individual locality. Once an exchange has occured, each geocacher would then have the other person's geocache to hide as their own, as per current gc.com guidelines. Both cachers' names will be listed in the 'hidden by' section.

The idea to exchange geocaches internationally was popularized in this thread on the geocaching.com forum. You might also like to see the Nordic thread. One of the first cachers involved in a geocache exchange wrote an article on the topic in Today's Cacher. This article can be found here.

In early November of 2003 I came into contact with geocacher BadAndy from the US state of Idaho after posting a request on the gc.com forum for an international geocache exchange partner.
Soon the ball started rolling and the first Dutch-American geocache exchange was a fact. The Dutch cache would be called "The Dutch Yellowstone Cache" while the American counterpart would be named "Yogi's winter retreat", completing the ties to Yellowstone. Information on both caches can be found below.

I hope both caches will inspire other geocachers to get into an international geocache exchange themselves. It sure adds something extra to your geocaching experience, both for the ones involved in the exchange as well as for the finders of the cache.


 "The Dutch Yellowstone Cache"
by BadAndy and Johny Cache
N 44º 39.221'  W 111º 05.945' (WGS-84)
Country: Montana, United States
Hidden on: April 3, 2004

This cache has been archived

This is a very special cache made possible by an international exchange by Dutch geocacher Johny Cache and Idaho (USA) geocacher BadAndy.

This one is the one owned and stocked by Johny Cache from the Netherlands and hidden and maintained by BadAndy. The American counterpart is called "Yogi's winter retreat". It isn't active yet, but will soon be placed somewhere in the Netherlands.
The Dutch Yellowstone Cache and Yogi's winter retreat make up the first Dutch-American geocache exchange ever.

Hidden at the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park, this cache is a perfect way to begin your trip through the park. Keep a keen eye out for wildlife and watch from a safe distance. Visitors do get injured every year trying to get that perfect closeup. Expect to see bison, elk, and eagles. Fox, deer and all other forest critters may also make an appearance. Wolves also live here. With approximately 200 wolves in 19 packs, they are making a comeback in a big way.

The initial content of the Dutch Yellowstone Cache includes:

  • Feyenoord necklace (Feyenoord is the soccer team of Rotterdam)
  • Ajax keyring (Ajax is the soccer team of Amsterdam)
  • Heineken Beer bottle opener
  • Heineken Beer 'Blinking Bottle' (blinks when you receive a call on your cellular phone)
  • various windmill lapel pins
  • A miniature 'Delfts Blue' porcelain windmill
  • Various "Delfts Blue" miniature wooden shoes
  • Dutch Euro coins
  • Two postcards, one showing a windmill, other downtown Amsterdam by night
  • Logbook, pencil, pencil sharpener, stash note
We are planning on an ongoing exchange of trade items as we attempt to keep the caches stocked.

Good luck and Happy Caching,

BadAndy and Johny Cache

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 "Yogi's winter retreat"
by BadAndy and Johny Cache
N--º --.---'  E ---º --.---' (WGS-84)
Country: Netherlands
Hidden on:

Exchange project discontinued. This cache will not become active.

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Latest News

December 29, 2004
Unfortunately the Holland-Yellowstone geocache exchange has been discontinued. Since a couple of months all my e-mail to BadAndy goes unanswered. The Dutch Yellowstone Cache will not be reactivated. Requested the cache to be archived.
The Yogi's winter retreat cache was never received.

June 28, 2004
Tipidwellers log their visit of April 16th on gc.com. It seems that they were the first to visit the Dutch Yellowstone cache and not the Red Eared Sliders as previously assumed. The Red Eared Sliders were the first to log the cache on the internet though.

May 18, 2004
BadAndy sadly reports that the cache has been plundered. It's one of several West Yellowstone caches that fell victim to a nameless plunderer.
BadAndy will hide a temporary replacement cache. We're not sure yet what the future will be for the Dutch Yellowstone cache. Maybe I will send a new one, or we will place a completely new exchange cache at another location.

April 21, 2004
Dutch Yellowstone Cache gets first visit. Congratulations to the Red Eared Sliders for being there first! Shown in the photo to the left are the Red Eared Sliders at the cache location.

April 12, 2004
Dutch Yellowstone Cache approved. Who will be the first finder? Can't wait for the first log to appear on the gc.com cache page. Happy Caching!

April 10, 2004
Dutch Yellowstone Cache is submitted to gc.com. Awaiting approval. BadAndy also writes that his cache is on its way to the Netherlands.

April 3, 2004
BadAndy hides the Dutch Yellowstone Cache near Yellowstone National Park in the state of Montana. Despite the snow still being pretty deep, BadAndy manages to find a suitable hiding spot near the west entrance of the Park.

January 5, 2004
BadAndy writes that cache arrived in good shape. Cache won't be hidden until springtime due to heavy snow conditions.

November 28, 2003
Dutch Yellowstone Cache is mailed to Idaho.

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