This cache is hidden in a place called "De Pannekoek". I discovered this place while doing a "reconnaissance" trip together with Team EEG in preparation for our hunt for the "Biesbosch Beaver Cache Revival". I was so charmed by the place that I decided to place a cache there. It's one of the most beautiful parts of De Biesbosch. When the pollard willows have just been topped the whole area has something surreal.
We decided to call the cache after the Southwestern Native American mythical figure "Kokopelli". We had just learned about this friendly, somewhat mysterious fellow. He's the Native American's symbol of happiness and joy, and also of fertility. He always carries a bag of seeds (making him look like he's humpbacked) and a flute. It's said that his flute play can be heard in the spring breeze, bringing warmth after the winter cold. While walking around in De Pannekoek during a beautiful spring day it isn't difficult to imagine hearing Kokopelli's flute play carried by the breeze. One might even recognize Kokopelli in one of the countless pollard willows.

by Team Johny Cache
N 51º 45.987'  E 004º 46.308' (WGS-84)
Country: Netherlands
Hidden on: March 26, 2003

Kokopelli is a multi-cache set out in one of the most beautiful areas of the Biesbosch called "De Pannekoek"(the pancake). The area has a rich birdlife. If you're quiet and take a good look around you might be able to spot the colorful Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), sitting on a branch or flying low over the water. We've seen one on several occasions. Beside birds the area also hosts animals like hare, roedeer and beaver.

It's a relatively short walk, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the serenity and beauty of the area. Especially on a beautiful sunny day around sunset. Try to go on a weekday when there aren't a lot of people in the area.

Waypoint 1 N 51 45.987' E 004 46.308'
Parking place
Waypoint 2 N 51 45.959' E 004 46.300'
Enter the area via these coordinates
Waypoint 3 N 51 46.057' E 004 46.121'
Here the search starts for real
Waypoint 4 You're trying to find a black film canister
Waypoint 5 What you find here + 12 voor North and + 216 for East
Waypoint 6 Take a good look around as this spot will give away
the coordinates of the cache!
Waypoint 7 Cache site

The cache is a tupperware-like box of not too great a size, so please bring only small trade items. And before leaving don't forget to cover the cache well again.

If you have enough time, we recommend you take a look at N 51 45.966' E 004 45.959'. We didn't include this point in the multi-cache route because it might be difficult or impossible to reach when water levels are high, but it's definitely worth seeing. You can find this point by taking a short side track from the main path between waypoint 4 and 5

Near the parking place you'll find the beautiful Biesbosch Museum which is also worth a visit. And for those seeking for more caches the Brabantse Biesbosch area has a lot more to offer, like the "Biesbosch" micro cache series, "De Bestemming", and "Maltha"

Happy Caching!

Additional hints:   [waypoint 4:] Haqre gur oevqtr, jurer oevqtr gbhpurf ynaq. Fvqr jurer fha tbrf qbja. [waypoint 5:] Oraq guebhtu lbhe xarrf naq ybbx hc. [waypoint 7:] Ng gur onfr bs n gerr, haqre n fgbar naq fbzr yrnirf

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Travel Bugs seen in this cache

Latest News

April 29, 2006
After almost a year of absence the Kokopelli cache has been taken out of the archives and has been reactivated.

October 5, 2003
Cache is active again.

September 30, 2003
Today went for a cache check. All OK with the cache of the final stage, but the cache of the first stage has been stolen. We will replace the first stage cache as soon as possible. Until then the Kokopelli cache is temporarily unavailable.

April 11, 2003
The Kokopelli cache is back! We've found a new spot close to the original hiding place. Hopefully this one will stay dry during high water levels.

April 8, 2003
Today, while searching for a new hiding place for the cache, we saw a beaver. We were able to observe the animal for over half an hour.

April 4, 2003
Due to the high water level in the area the cache location was flooded. As a result we had to temporarily remove the cache. Apparently the cache location is prone to flooding, so we'll have to find another spot in the area to hide the cache. Luckily the cache content remained fairly dry. When the cache has been placed back we'll post a log note on the cache page.

March 27, 2003
Kokopelli cache gets first visit! Congratulations to hunter Speerpunt from Belgium for being there first!

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