"Mogelijk Windkracht 11"
by Team EEG and Team Johny Cache
N 53º 26.969'  E 005º 37.508' (WGS-84)
Country: Netherlands
Hidden on: October 28, 2002

Mogelijk Windkracht 11 is a multi-cache placed by Team EEG and Team Johny Cache during a stormy geocache weekend on the island of Ameland. Windforces of 10 on the Beaufort scale, possibly 11 ("mogelijk windkracht 11") were forecasted... Later that weekend the Netherlands were hit by the most violent storm of the last 12 years.

Mogelijk Windkracht 11 consists of 6 waypoints and takes you through the beautiful Hollumer and Lange Duinen dune area of western Ameland. At the first three waypoints you'll find a direction to determine the coordinates of the next waypoint. The cache is hidden at the 4th waypoint. The lighthouse of Hollum will accompany you the entire route.

  • Waypoint 1  N 53º 26.969' E 005º 37.508'
    Starting point. When you came by car you can park here.
    At this point you'll find an information panel. Look for the year of construction (bouwjaar) (= A) and for the year (= B) that belongs to "120.000 kaars".

  • Waypoint 2  N 53º 2Y' E 005º 3X', Y = 5512 + A, X = 5470 + B
    At this waypoint you'll find a sign with:
    a. Frettepad + RWS (C = 102 D = 650)
    b. Frettepad + Vuurtoren (C = 112 D = 231 )
    c. Strand + Frettepad (C = 104 D = 1023)
    d. Meetstation RWS (C = 2 D = 710)

  • Waypoint 3  N 53º 27.Y' E 005º 3X', Y = 464 + C, X = 8185 + D
    At this waypoint you'll find a pole with a number consisting of 4 digits (= E)
    Please note: the second digit is NOT an eight!

  • Waypoint 4  N 53º 2Y' E 005º 3X', Y = 3046 + E, X = 4882 + E
    At this waypoint the cache is hidden.
Return via the following waypoints:

  • Waypoint 5  N 53º 27.485' E 005º 39.202'
  • Waypoint 6  N 53º 26.930' E 005º 37.681'
The last waypoint is close to the starting point. This is a good place to have a bite and something to drink.

The cache is a tupperware-like box wrapped in a grey plastic bag. The cache isn't buried and there's no need to dig or to turn up the ground in any way. Stay on the paths, except when you'll have to continue your walk on the beach. The cache is hidden at a spot where it could easily be discovered by non-geocachers if not properly camouflaged. Therefore: camouflage the cache as good as you can!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional hints:   Bar zrgre sebz gur cngu oruvaq gur onfr bs n yvggyr gerr.

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Latest News

November 9, 2002
The Mogelijk Windkracht 11 cache gets first visit! Congratulations to Dwarreltje for being there first!

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