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Idstein - Midde Dorsch
October 12, 2014

TB Grand Hotel Idstein
October 11, 2014

The photographers place
October 11, 2014

Regionalpark Rhein-Main - Sitzkastanien
October 11, 2014

Idstein Schlossgraben
October 10, 2014

Idstein Löherplatz
October 10, 2014

Fedra, der kleine Feuerdrache
September 18, 2014

Lindavia-72 (Tret mich)
July 1, 2014

Lindavia-104 (Blick auf den Diebsturm)
July 1, 2014

Lindavia-70 (Ruf mich an)
July 1, 2014

Lindavia-66 (police cars only)
July 1, 2014

Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer........
July 1, 2014

Magische Säule--reloaded--
June 30, 2014

Geht's noch muggliger?
June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Meersburg - Reloaded
June 30, 2014

Das verschwundene Schwert
June 30, 2014

Neue Messe Friedrichshafen - Messe-See
June 28, 2014

Am Blautopf
November 30, 2012

Cache and logsheet
The cache location

November 30, 2012

At the Blautopf
At the Blautopf 2 - The Blautopf is a socalled karst spring. The blue color is caused by the depth of the spring and the chemical composition of the water.
At the Blautopf 3
At the Blautopf 4
At the Blautopf 5
At the Blautopf 6 - Information panel
At the Blautopf 7 - The schönen Lau of the Blautopf legend
Stuttgarter Hutzelmännle
November 29, 2012

Cache and logroll
The Stuttgarter Hutzelmännle
Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt
Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt 2
Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt 3
Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt 4
The cache formerly known as the Isle of Christmas
November 28, 2012

Cache and logsheet
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt 2
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt 3
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt 4
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt Post Office
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt 5
Augsburger Weihnachtsmarkt 6
A busy day has come to an end
Augsburg für Touristen (Prinzregentenplatz)
November 28, 2012

Statue at the cache site
Ulmer Münster Ground-Level (1)
November 27, 2012

The Ulmer Münster
Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt at the foot of the Münster
The Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt 2
The Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt 3
The Ulmer Weihnachtsmarkt 3
Cache and logbooklet (SPOILER!)
Ulm für Touristen (Fischerviertel)
November 27, 2012

Nice statues
Zur Forelle in the Fischerviertel
The Fischerviertel
The Fischerviertel 2
The Fischerviertel 3 with the Schiefes Haus
Geocaching shop Cache-inn at a stone throw's distance from the cache
Cache-inn 2
Cache-inn 3 - JC geocouching!
Cache and logroll
Ulm für Touristen (Münsterblick)
November 27, 2012

View from the cache site over the roofs of Ulm towards the Münster.
Cache and logbooklet
424,250 (Most found Cache in Salzburg!!!)
November 26, 2012

JC with the cache at the cache location
Salzburg by night
Just a funny photo I took on one of the Salzburg bridges.
Mozarts Geburtshaus
November 26, 2012

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart
Real Sachertorte at the famous Hotel/Café Sacher
Café Sacher
Mozart ducks
Cache and logroll
Christmas market in Salzburg
Christmas market in Salzburg 2
November 25, 2012

Cache and logbook
Crossing the border on the bridge over the Salzach near the cache site
Die Brücke
November 25, 2012

The border bridge crossing the Salzach river from Oberndorf, Austria to Laufen, Germany
View from the cache site on the Austrian part of the bridge.
The cache
The German part of the bridge
In Germany
In Germany 2
Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus
November 25, 2012

The Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf - At this exact spot, the old location of the St. Nikolaus church, on Christmas Eve of the year 1818, the song Silent Night was first performed, by the composers themselves. The song is written by Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber of Oberndorf.
Inside the chapel
Stille Nacht-Platz
The chapel by night
The new St. Nikolaus church in Oberndorf, where the cache is hidden
The cache (SPOILER!)

Salzachschleife bei Oberndorf - Laufen
November 25, 2012

The Salzachschleife with the Austrian village Oberndorf in the distance.
The Salzach with the German village Laufen on the other side
Aue Düsseltal
July 22, 2012

The cache

Geologische Spuren im Neandertal
July 22, 2012

JC at the Rabenstein
Die große Wurzel
July 22, 2012

JC at the cache site
Ice Age Animals
July 22, 2012

JC with the cache
July 22, 2012

The Neanderthal Museum, starting point for this multi-cache.
Neanderthal Museum 2 - Bones of Neanderthal 1. In 1856 the Neander Valley became famous for the discovery of the first specimen of Homo neandertalensis, better known as the Neanderthal man.
Neanderthal Museum 3 - JC (left) with the museum director :-)
Neanderthal Museum 4 - Display depicting limestone miners discovering the bones of Neanderthal 1.
Neanderthal Museum 5 - Reconstruction of the Neanderthal man discovered in 1856.
1928 Neanderthal man sculpture
Entrance to the original discovery site of Neanderthal 1
Stakes marking the location of the Feldhofer grotto where Neanderthal 1 was discovered. Limestone quary mining has destroyed most of the beautiful ravine like landscape, including the Feldhofer grotto.
View on the original site
The Düssel river flows through the Neander Valley
Kinderstube des Wildes
On the trail
Bridge over the Düssel
Trail through the Neandertal forest
The Neandertal forest
Beautiful Neandertal
JC with the cache
Friedhof der Kuscheltiere
July 22, 2012

Zugspitze (2962 m) - Top of Germany
June 16, 2012

Ready for take off - JC nervously waiting inside the cable car of the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn that is going to bring him to the 2960 meter high top of the Zugspitze. The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain.
There we go! - View from the cable car
View from the cable car
One going down
The Austrian - German border runs across the top of the Zugspitze. The cable car took us to the mountain station on the Austrian part of the mountain
Aaand welcome to Bavaria, Germany!
Deutschlands höchste Rostbratwurst - See also the next photo.
Das Bergschwein
Münchner haus, the famous mountain hut on top of the Zugspitze
Beer and brezels at Münchner Haus
The German mountain station
Münchner Haus and the tower of the Deutsche Wetterdienst
Mountain climbers at the real top
More mountain climbers
German cable car going down
Deutschlands höchster Biergarten
Ain't this just a wonderful view
Ain't this just a wonderful view 2
View on the Eibsee
JC back on the Austrian part of the mountain
The Garmin Oregon showing the altitude - So far the highest cache we've ever found!
St. Peter und Paul Mittenwald
June 15, 2012

Cache and logbooklet
Nearby beautiful Ave Maria grotto
St.Peter & Paul church
Bavarian atmosphere in Mittenwald
Bavarian atmosphere in Mittenwald 2
Luitascher Kapelle XVIII -> Höllkapelle
June 15, 2012

JC with the cache in front of the chapel
June 15, 2012

Austrian-German border - the trail passed along the Austrian-German border
Austrian side
German side
The logbook

Leutascher Geisterklamm / Leutasch Spirit Gorge
June 15, 2012

Geisterklamm 2
Geisterklamm 3
Geisterklamm 4
Geisterklamm 5
Ach du wunderschönes Oberland
June 15, 2012

JC with the cache
"Dorf Flake" am Walchensee
June 15, 2012

On our way to the Walchensee - Strawberry stand
The beautiful Walchensee
Dorf Flake - These were the buildings of Dorf Flake as used in the movie "Wickie und die starken Männer". The Walchensee was also the setting for a couple of other Hollywood Viking movies and series.
Dorf Flake 2
Dorf Flake 3
Dorf Flake 4
Dorf Flake 5
Cache and logroll
Enjoying cheesecake and coffee at the Walchensee
Bonus: "Eine etwas andere Stadtführung...I"
June 14, 2012

The cache site (SPOILER!)
The cache
Eine etwas andere Stadtführung...
June 14, 2012

Füssen on the river Lech
Füssen - Lechbrücke
Füssen - the Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche
Füssen - Lautenmacherbrunnen
Füssen 2
Füssen - Window
Füssen - Gusseisener Brunnen
Füssen - Gusseisener Brunnen 2
Füssen 3
Füssen 4
Füssen - Franziskanerkloster
Füssen - Schrannenplatz
Füssen - Siebensteinbrunnen
Füssen - Fussgangerzone
Füssen - Icecream man
Füssen - Mädchenbrunnen
Füssen - Religious statue
Füssen - Window 2
Füssen - Wind vane
Füssen - On our way to the Füssen Castle
Füssen - view on Basilika St. Mang
Füssen - Religious statue 2
Füssen - Ruine near the cache site
Füssen - The cache

Geotop "Lechfall"
June 14, 2012
Füssen - Lechfall
June 14, 2012

Bridge over the Lechfall
Funny! - No more than 20 to 30 persons on the bridge at a time.
The Lechfall
The cache (SPOILER!)
Der alte Tunnel - Hlw 61
June 13, 2012

At the entrande of the old tunnel
At the entrance of the old tunnel 2
The logbook
JC with the cache
Davosersee / Eichhoernchenweg
June 13, 2012

JC has arrived in Davos
Ready to start the hike
Lake Davos
The squirrels of Lake Davos
The squirrels of Lake Davos 2
The squirrels of Lake Davos 3
The squirrels of Lake Davos 4
The squirrels of Lake Davos 5
The squirrels of Lake Davos 6
The squirrels of Lake Davos 7
The squirrels of Lake Davos 8
Beautiful view from the trail
Beautiful view from the trail 2
Near the cache
JC with the cache
Unusual house near the cache location
Strom aus Wasserkraft
June 13, 2012

Cache and logbook
MoCache_CH23 Flüela
June 13, 2012

On our way to the Flüela Pass
On our way to the Flüela Pass 2
Altitude getting higher and higher
Flüela Pass
Flüela Pass 2
JC at the Flüela Pass
JC at the Flüela Pass 2
Flüela Hospiz
Flüela Hospiz 2
At the cache location
JC with the cache
Flüela Pass 3
Flüela Pass 4
Flüela Pass 5
Schloss Neuschwanstein / The Castle Neuschwanstein
June 11, 2012

The nearby Hohenschwangau Castle
View on Hohenschwangau from the trail to Neuschwanstein
Another magnificent view from the trail on Hohenschwangau Castle and Lake Schwangau
Schloss Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein entrance
View on the courtyard from the castle
View on the Marienbrücke and Pollatschlucht from the castle
The castle seen from the Marienbrücke
Love lock on the Marienbrücke
Love lock on the Marienbrücke 2
Marienbrücke 2
JC with the cache
View on the Alpsee
Zugspitzarena Mini Hotel
June 10, 2012

Not far from the cache
The cache
JC with the cache
Beautiful view to the village of Lermoos
The cache location at night
Ehrwald Village Tour
June 10, 2012

Beautiful fountain in Ehrwald
Beautiful Ehrwald
Monumental linden tree from 1689!
Beautiful Ehrwald 2
1000 meters a.s.l.
Funny, seen at the local Ehrwald bookstore!
JC with the cache
Elefant, Tigerente & Co. - Erfurter KIKA-Runde
December 2, 2011

In Erfurt with my old childhood buddy "Der Maus".
Anger square
Anger square 2
Statue of Martin Luther
Team JC with das Sandmännchen
Our friends Käpt'n Blaubär and Hein Blöd
In Erfurt with good friend Bernd das Brot.
The Krämerbrücke by night
Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt
Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt 2
Day 2 - The MDR Kinder Kanal (KIKA) Studios
Day 2 - The cache
Der Kleine Bruder (Eichelsee)
December 2, 2011

View from close to the cache
Cache and logbook
JC after rehiding the cache (SPOILER!)
Roadside Thüringer Bratwurst house
Sagenhaftes Tonndorf
December 2, 2011

Cache and logbook
Sankt Paul und Peter
December 2, 2011

The Sankt Paul and Peter church
Cache and logroll
Grab der weißen Frau
December 2, 2011

The mystical cache location
Schloss Tonndorf
The cache
November 30, 2011

Zwickauer Christmas Market
Building near the cache with Nativity scene.
The Zwickauer Dom with a Hernhutter Christmas star.
The logroll
Christmas Market by night
Christmas Market by night 2
Das erste Ampelmädchen Deutschlands
November 30, 2011

Ampelmädchen 2
Cache and logbooklet
JC with the Trabant monument
Heißdampf Pflugdampflokomotive
November 30, 2011

The Pflugdampflokomotive in the East German town of Crimmitschau. This steam engine from 1921 was used to plow farm land. Steam engines weren't used very often in farming as the costs were relatively high.
JC with the cache
JC in Crimmitschau
Graffiti in Crimmitschau
Crimmitschau Train Station
Gotteshäuser: St.Annekirche Annaberg
November 29, 2011

JC on his way to the Annaberger Christmas Market, and the cache.
Annaberg is on old mining town in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) in Eastern Germany.
The St.Annekirche
Statue of Martin Luther at the square where the cache is hidden.
Der Schwibbogen - Beautiful shop near the cache selling "Erzgebirgische Volkskunst".
The Annaberger Christmas Market
The Annaberger Christmas Market 2
The Annaberger Christmas Market 3
The Annaberger Christmas Market 4
Ore Mountain Miners in their traditional official dress.
Der Schwibbogen at night
Nightly view from the cache site
Cache and logroll
November 28, 2011

The Krämerbrücke
One of the houses on the Krämerbrücke
Nostalgic chocolate shop on the Krämerbrücke
Krempel & Co
Medieval salesman on the Krämerbrücke
Near the entrance to the bridge
Cache and logsheet
The Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt
The Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt 2
Juru Gaga -reloaded-
November 28, 2011

JC at the Juri Gagarin statue reminding of Erfurt's former German Democratic Republic (DDR) times.
Juri Gagarin 2
Juri Gagarin Ring

Promenade "Au fil du temps"
September 3, 2011

The Semois River on a beautiful sunny day.
The Semois River 2
Beautiful old bridge
The village of Vresse-sur-Semois
Chapelle Notre Dame des Champs
September 3, 2011

The chapel
Chapelle Notre Dame du Sacré Coeur
September 3, 2011

The chapel
Chapelle Notre Dame de Fatima
September 3, 2011

The chapel
Chapelle Notre Dame de Beauraing
September 3, 2011

The chapel
September 3, 2011

JC with the cache. GC40 is the oldest active cache on mainland Europe.
The GPS showing the coordinates of the cache, exactly N50º00.000 E005º00.000!
The cache
Schatz des Hagen
August 19, 2011

The cache
Geist des Hagen
August 19, 2011

German geocachers Kawooo, Ninjachecker, and Massafranz preparing to check out a bucket hung up high in a tree at the parking place.
Hmmm, nothing in it! - A film canister with a logroll was left though and a new cache was made out of it!
The logbook
The cache
Schatz des Drachen
August 19, 2011

The big treasure chest and the logbook
Der kleine Dieb von Michelstadt
August 18, 2011

At the mystery waypoint
The "Diebsturm"
The cache and its contents
JC in Michelstadt
August 18, 2011

Michelstadt 2
Michelstadt 3
Michelstadt 4
Michelstadt 5
Michelstadt 6
Cache and logbook

Magnetsteine / Magnetic Stones
August 17, 2011

JC and the magnetic stones
Bonus "Rund um die Burg Frankenstein"
August 17, 2011

The cache (SPOILER!)
Rundum die Burg Frankenstein
August 17, 2011

JC and the "Baumuhr" - Cross section of a 330 year old oak tree. The various year rings are numbered and correspond to a certain year at the information panel in which a important historical event took place. One doesn't normally realize which events such an old tree has "witnessed" during its long life span.
Say again!
The sometimes steep path around Castle Frankenstein.
The cache
Insect appartment building
Hot air balloon seen from the castle site.
Mary Shelley's Schloss
August 17, 2011

This way to the cache!
The huge ammo can and its cairn. We first though it was the Frankenstein Monster's final resting place.
The logbook
Burg Frankenstein. Mary Shelley probably (there's still speculation about this) got some inspiration here for her Frankenstein novel.
Burg Frankenstein chapel. The chapel is said to be haunted.
View from the tower
JC at Burg Frankenstein
Burg Frankenstein
Bemerkenswerte Bäume #5: Friedhofslinde
August 17, 2011

The Odenwald
Cache and logbooklet
Das verschwundene Logbuch
August 16, 2011

At one of the waypoints (SPOILER!)
At one of the waypoints 2 (SPOILER!)
The cache, but not yet the logbook.
The logbook. Use the magic bone to find the dog that has ran off with it. (SPOILER!)
Ring der Nibelungen
August 16, 2011

JC and the magical Ring der Nibelungen pointing out the Dragon's hiding place and the cache (SPOILER!)
The logbook
Der Schatz der Heinzelmännchen
August 6, 2011

The Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne Cathedral 2
The Cologne Cathedral 3
The Heinzelmännchen Brunnen
The Heinzelmännchen Brunnen 2
Just two guys
Jupp Schmitz
The cache (SPOILER!)

Die Erde bebt - eine Spurensuche
August 6, 2011

Praetorium - Archeological excavations of the palace of the Roman emeperor's governor in Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (the present day Cologne), the capital of the Roman province of Lower Germania. The fundaments of the Praetorium were discovered in 1953 while constructing the building that is now above it.
Praetorium 2 - For this earthcache one has to find information about earthquakes that occured in this area in the past. Shown here is damage to the Praetorium caused by an earthquake that probably occured around 780-790 A.D.
Kölner Denkmäler - "Flieg Ford!"
August 6, 2011

Building near the cache site.
The Flying Ford
The Flying Ford 2
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache
The Great Dictator (2nd Edition)
August 6, 2011

On our way to the cache - View on the 266 m high "Colonius", the Cologne communications tower.
View on the majestic Cologne Cathedral
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache
Mother duck with duckling and beautiful water lilies
Palais du Prince
July 27, 2011

JC in Monaco - View on Port Hercule and La Condamine from the amphitheatre.
View from the Chemin des Pecheurs.
Curious seagull
The Oceanographic Museum - This is where we took the escalators and lifts up to "The Rock" to Monaco-Ville to get to the palace.
Up on "The Rock" at the Oceanographic Museum.
Beautiful view from Avenue Saint-Martin.
The Cathedral houses the remains of the former princes of Monaco and Princess Grace.
Street scene Monaco-Ville
Breathtaking view on Fontvieille harbour.
Looking down
Ruelle Sainte Barbe
Religious statue
The cache
JC with the cache
Palace guard
Palace guard 2
The royal palace
Piaca d'u Palaci with a musical ensemble.
Piaca d'u Palaci 2
The palace, a statue, and a seagull
Our way down from the palace
View towards the harbour and Monte Carlo
The palace by night
Piaca d'u Palaci by night
The cathedral by night
Twilight view on the cache location
Monaco by night
Île Saint Honorat
July 27, 2011

The boat that brought us to Île Saint Honorat, one of the Lérins Islands, 15 minutes sailing from the port of Cannes.
Welcome sign
A first acquaintance with the beautiful island.
It doesn't rain very often at the Côte d'Azur at this time of year. It did when we were there though, but the beauty of Saint Honorat soon made us forget!
The beautiful vegetation of Saint Honorat.
Chapelle Saint Caprais, one of the seven chapels on the island.
Fours á boulets - In 1793 a canon battery was stationed here. Enemy vessels were shot at with canonballs that were heated red-hot in this "fours á boulets" or canonball furnace.
Religious St.Antoine Statue
St. Antoine close up
Chapelle Saint Pierre
Team JC and a giant cactus
The Monastery and its church - Except for approximately 30 Cistercian monks, the island is uninhabited. A monastery was already founded on the island around 410 A.D. by Saint Honoratus. The monks nowadays amongst other things produce whine which is sold in the monastery's shop on the island.
The monastery
The monastery 2
The monastery 3
Entry to the monastery's church
The monastery 4
The monastery 5
The monastery 6
Taking a rest at the monastery shop.
Beautiful view from the monastery.
The 15th Century monastery fortress
JC with the two cache containers (yes, there were two containers)
One of the containers close up
Acces reserve aux moines
Souriez, vous etes filmés
July 27, 2011

Aboard the train to Cannes - You don't get a view from the train like this every day.
The Palais des Festivals where each year the Cannes Film Festival is hosted.
Star spotting (sort of) at the Palais des Festivals.
Clint Eastwood!
Clint Eastwood 2
Collage of some of the stars we spotted.
On the red carpet
Cannes 2
Grand Prix de Monaco - Virage de la Rascasse
July 26, 2011

On our way to the cache we passed the Sainte Dévote chapel again.
Mojito anyone?
Swimming pool
JC with the cache
Grand Prix racing car near the cache site (photo taken July 27).
Two huge superyachts - The one on the left is the Lady Moura. The Lady Moura is owned by Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, and is one of the largest private yachts in the world. It reportedly cost Al-Rashid over 200 million US$ to build back in the late 1980's.
Grand Prix de Monaco - La Montée de Beaurivage
July 26, 2011

Yep, we're still in Monaco
Yep, we're still in Monaco 2
Hotel Hermitage
On our way to the cache
Harbour view
Cruise ship Ruby Princess leaving Monaco.
Buildings close to the cache
Cache and logroll
Harbour view 2
Funky Town
Grand Prix de Monaco - Virage du Casino
July 26, 2011

Boulevard with yachts
Millionaire's slippers
Ring doorbell for service
The famous tunnel of the Formula One GP of Monaco on Louis II Boulevard.
The Côte d'Azur seen from the cache location.
The cache location
JC with the cache
The famous Hotel de Paris
View from the Casino entrance
Casino Monte-Carlo
License plate
The Monte-Carlo Casino reflected in the art mirror sphere in front of it.
The casino seen from the Jardins des Bouligrins
Allée des Boulingrins
Jardins des Boulingrins
Jardins des Boulingrins 2
Jardins des Boulingrins 3
Jardins des Boulingrins 4
View from the Jardins des Boulingrins
Our new Bentley
Grand Prix de Monaco - Virage de Sainte Devote
July 26, 2011

Gare de Monaco / Monaco Railway Station - We travelled from the Netherlands to Monaco all the way by train. The Monaco Railway Station is located inside a tunnel in the rocks high above the port of Monaco.
Our mode of transportation on this trip
JC at Gare de Monaco - Our 16th geocache country!
JC at Gare de Monaco 2 - A short, steep walk from here down the Sainte Dévote valley brings you to the lovely chapel where the cache is hidden.
The Sainte Dévote chapel - Note the flowers forming both the Monegasque and South African flag left after the wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock on July 2nd, 2011.
Inside the chapel - This is where Charlene after the wedding ceremony laid her bridal bouquet in offering to Sainte Dévote, the patron saint of Monaco.
Inside the chapel 2
Inside the chapel 3
Inside the chapel 4
Inside the chapel 5
GPS and the nano cache
Sainte Dévote sculpture
Sculpture of the winner of the first GP of Monaco with his Buggati at the traffic circle in front of the chapel.
The chapel by night
Ufos bei Theeßen gelandet?
June 6, 2011

JC with the cache
A2 Wüstenforst Nord
June 6, 2011

JC with the cache
A2 - Raststätte Buckautal Nord (Richtung Hannover)
June 6, 2011

Cache and logbook
June 6, 2011

JC in the hamlet of Verlorenwasser somewhere in the middle of nowhere
The road to the geographical center of the former DDR
Here it is
JC pointing out the geographical center
JC at the geographical center of the DDR
JC again
JC with the cache. Our first cache in the German state of Brandenburg. State nr. 14 out of 16!
MoCache36 - Talsperre Lehnmühle
June 6, 2011

JC with the cache
Schöne Aussicht
June 6, 2011

The cache
View on the town of Frauenstein
MoCache37 - Nassau
June 6, 2011

JC with the cache
MoCache247 - Rechenberg-Bienenmühle
June 6, 2011

Cache and log roll
Forget me not at the cache site
June 6, 2011

Lodge on top of Mount Schwartenberg
The top
Near the cache
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache
Bernsteinzimmer im Erzgebirge?
June 5, 2011

The cache
Anton Gunther stein Deutschneudorf
June 5, 2011

JC with the cache at the Anton Günther Stein
Cache and logbook
Czech Republic
Eduardova skála / Eduard's rock
June 5, 2011

Lonely church
To the cache!
Climbing to Eduard's rock
JC with the cache
View 2
Panorama von Hora Svaté Kateriny
June 5, 2011

Beautiful view on the Czech village of Hora Svaté Kateriny
Wild flowers
JC with the cache
The cache
Czech Republic
The Czech German Border
June 4, 2011

JC with the cache at the Czech border
Border cat
TB-Hotel Fachwerkhaus Bilz
June 4, 2011

To the cache!
The cache
JC with the cache
In the beautiful village of Seiffen
Ehrenmal Nennigmühle
June 3, 2011

Memorial and mass grave for Soviet prisoners of war that died in the area during WWII
The cache (SPOILER!)
Gotteshauser: Kirche Grünhainichen
June 3, 2011

Kirche Grünhainichen
Kirche Grünhainichen 2
Erzgebirgischer Volkskunst-Cache
June 3, 2011

The logbook
JC with the cache
Maria's Spieldosen Cache
June 3, 2011

The big Wendt & Kühn music box in Grünhainichen
Close up
The cache
The Wendt & Kühn building in Grünhainichen. The Wendt & Kühn wooden angels, flower children and music boxes are much desired by collectors all over the world. Today their workshops were open to the public, and one could see how the handcrafted figures were made and painted.
W & K music box maker
W & K music box painter
Flower children get painted
Willkommen Grünhainichen -W-
June 3, 2011

Truck parked near the cache site
Cache and log roll
Wenn's draußen wieder schneit
June 3, 2011
Größter Schwibbogen der Welt...?
June 3, 2011

The biggest christmas arch in the world?
Wise words from Anthon Günther at one of the waypoints.
Beautiful view from one of the waypoints
The cache (SPOILER!)
Bergstadt Marienberg - NW - B174
June 3, 2011

Cache and logbook
JC with the cache at the cache site
Abenteuer Bergwerk Bernsteinzimmer
June 3, 2011

The cache site at the old Fortuna mine. Also believed to be the place where the Nazis hid the never found old Bernsteinzimmer treasures from Russia.
The cache and log roll
View from the cache site
Wer macht was?
June 2, 2011

The village of Neuhausen
JC with the cache
Wer macht was close up
Cache and logbook
The logbook
Ahrweiler Kinder-Schatzkiste
April 16, 2011

View on Ahrweiler from the cache site in the vineyards above town.
View on Ahrweiler 2
JC with the cache
Climbers - The pillars are the remains of an unfinished viaduct for a railway stretch of which the building started in 1910. After World War 1, in 1923 the building came to a halt as demanded by the French occupation forces. Nowadays the pilars are thankfully used by sports climbers.
Climbers zoomed in
Another daredevil
Hauser der Helfer - DRK Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
April 16, 2011

JC with the cache
Cache and logbook
Close to the cache site
Inmitten ein Altstadt
April 16, 2011

The Ahrweiler church and the annual Ahrweiler Easter market - This cache leads you trough the picturesque town of Ahrweiler.
The Ahrweiler market square and Easter market
Springtime in Ahrweiler
Nostalgic shop
Close up of the carved decorated beams
Cheese and wine shop sign
Ahrweiler street scene
Easter market
Madonna statue on half-timbered house
Half-timbered house with Easter decorations
The Ahrtor gate - One of the four gates leading into Ahrweiler through the town walls.
Beethoven was here
Ahrweiler kid taking a lookout from the Niedertor gate
At the Niedertor
Half-timbered, frescoed house
Half-timbered house with carved beam
Ahrweiler museum with vineyards in the background
Ahrweiler street scene 2
Ahrweiler street scene 3
Old tower at one of the waypoints
Blossoming tree
Redwine from the Ahr
Easter bunny
The cache and logbook (SPOILER!)
Asterix in Monschau
April 10, 2011

Monschau 2
Monschau 3
Monschau 4
Monschau 5
Monschau 6
Monschau seen from high up in the hills
The logbook
JC and LBK with the cache
Monschau by night
Monschau Cam
April 10, 2011

Webcam photo with from left to right JC, LBK and Eeg.
View from the webcam cache location
Monschau square at the webcam cache location
Monschau square at the webcam cache location 2
Le monument du Cpl Devisser
April 10, 2011
Camp Elsenborn - Welcome
April 10, 2011

Geobuddies LBK and Eeg with the tank at the cache site. The Ardennes Offensive, geocacher style.
Another view on the tank
Ruee vers l'Or a Waimes - Gold rush in Waimes
April 10, 2011

Remains of an old wooden pipe near the cache site, probably from the gold mining days at the turn of the century. In the old days, for gold mining wooden pipes were used to tranport water needed for the mining operations. These wooden pipes were made by tying two half, hollowed-out tree logs together.
Old railroad bed near the cache site.
Old railroad sign
LBK and JC with the cache
The logroll
April 10, 2011

LBK from Alaska with his first Belgian cache
Cache and logroll

Houllay - Hohlfels
April 10, 2010

LBK, JC and Eeg at the Houllay earthcache site
View from one of the caves
Inside one of the caves
Castle of Beaufort
April 9, 2011

LBK and Eeg walking down the beautiful trail
Eeg enjoying the beauty of Luxembourg
Idyllic little waterfall
April 9, 2011

LBK crossing a stream trying to get to ground-zero
View from the cache site
The well
The well 2
Imdelseas Flehen
April 9, 2011

The old well
The old well 2
The forest at the cache site
LBK from Alaska with his first Luxembourgian cache
1001 Bottles
February 19 1, 2011

The Santa Maria Magdalena Avidita chapel in Hoogstraten, Belgium is made of 12,000 bottles.
Close up
The cache
JC with the cache in front of the chapel.
Adventskalender - 23. Dezember
December 1, 2010

Cache and logbook
The St. Anna Basilica of Altoetting
Altoetting Christmas Market
Altoetting Christmas Market 2
Altoetting Christmas Market 3
The Alp Advent choir singing in the St. Anna Basilica
Alphorn players in front of the basilica
Plankl's Maler
December 1, 2010

The painter
Hotel Plankl in Altoetting, Bavaria
Cache and log
Altoetting winter scene with Hotel Plankl at the right.
Munich Geopoly - Viktualien, Isartor und Oberanger
November 29, 2010

Sunlit church tower on our way to the cache
One of the Munich christmas markets
Cache and log
Christmas Market at Marienplatz
Christmas Market at Marienplatz 2
Fimm - Eitt
November 29, 2010

Wintery bicycles close to the cache site
The seasonal ice skating rink in front of the virtual cache
Ice skating rink 2
JC and the virtual cache
Frozen fountain at the cache site
August 21, 2010

The witch café
The witch café 2
JC enjoying cheesecake and coffee at the witch café
Cache and logbook

Naturkundlich-geologischer Lehrpfad
August 21, 2010

JC at the cache site
August 21, 2010

Monument for geologist Lossen and JC with the cache - The stones around the monument are samples of all the different kinds of rocks that occur in the Harz.
Die Bunte Stadt am Harz
August 21, 2010

Monument for the painter that gave Wernigerode the nickname "Die bunte Stadt am Harz" (the colorful town in the Harz foothills). One of the tasks of this mistery cache is at home finding the name of the painter and the location of the monument. Then form the monument a waypoint projection will take you to the cache.
View over Wernigerode from the monument.
Cache and logbook
Bunte Stadt
August 20, 2010

Beautiful Wernigerode, die bunte Stadt am Harz
Beautiful Wernigerode 2
Beautiful Wernigerode 3
Beautiful Wernigerode 4
Beautiful Wernigerode 5
Beautiful Wernigerode 6
Beautiful Wernigerode 7
Beautiful Wernigerode 8
Beautiful Wernigerode 9
Beautiful Wernigerode 10
Beautiful Wernigerode 11
Beautiful Wernigerode 12
Beautiful Wernigerode 13
Beautiful Wernigerode 14
Beautiful Wernigerode 15

Skandinavisches Inlandeis - Scandinavian ice sheet
August 20, 2010

Plaque marking the southern border of the Scandinavian ice sheet during the quartenary ice ages.
Nicolaiplatz Wernigerode
August 20, 2010

Cache and logsheet (SPOILER!)
Beautiful Nicolaiplatz
Wernigerodes engste Gasse
August 20, 2010

Cobble stone street in Wernigerode leading to the town's "engste Gasse" (narrowest alley).
Wernigerode's engste Gasse
Cache and logsheet
Church nearby
Kukki da, Kukki weg
August 19, 2010

JC with the cachemobile at Kukki's - During the day Kukki is present here catering to the hungry motorist, selling smoked trout, bockwurst, and the locally famous peasoup from the "Gulaschkanone", an old army kitchen trailer.
Cache and logbook
JC about the rehide the canister (SPOILER!)
Kukki's during daytime
Kukki's during daytime 2
Smoked trout
August 19, 2010

On the trail
JC with the cache
August 19, 2010

Webcam picture from the webcam at the Brocken railway station. Team JC is seen standing at the first stone.

Der Brocken im Nationalpark Hochharz
August 19, 2010

Steam train coming up Mount Brocken
Steam train seen from the path to the earthcache location.
View on the Wurmberg from the cache location.
The Witch's Altar and the Devil's Pulpit at the cache location.
Brocken Gipfel-Micro
August 19, 2010

Bahnhof Schierke, our departure point at 687 meters a.s.l. From here we traveled by steam train to the top of the 1142 meter high Mount Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany.
"Our" steam engine on top of Mt. Brocken - Here it's reconnecting to the back of the train coaches to travel down the mountain backwards.
"Our" steam engine 2
"Our" steam engine 3
The Brockenhaus, now a visitors center, during the Cold War used to be a building of the Soviet Army and the East German Intelligence and Security Service which used all kinds of radio receiving equipment on Mt. Brocken to spy on the West. During the cold war Mt. Brocken was a military zone and was closed to the public.
The broadcast tower on top of Mt. Brocken.
Goethe monument at the "Wolkenhäuschen" ("The little hut in the clouds") of 1736. In 1777 Goethe visited the Wolkenhäuschen.
Das Wolkenhäuschen - With the turbulent history of Mt. Brocken, it's a wonder the hut survived!
Team JC at the highest point of Mt. Brocken
The Mt. Brocken plateau
The Cache
View from Mt. Brocken
View with steam train in the distance
Heinrich Heine monument
Various witchy and devilish walking trails cross Mt. Brocken. According to legend, on Walpurgis night thousands of witches fly to Mt. Brocken to dance and flirt with the devil.
Brocken climate - The climate on Mt. Brocken is very harsh. Note the low average temperature. Also, on average the mountain is covered in mist 306 days a year!
The Brocken weather station
Have you seen the movie The Polar Express? - If you did, you will agree with me this looks familiar! This is back at Bahnhof Schierke.
Grenzstein West
August 18, 2010

The Iron Curtain - Sign at road B27 marking the former Innner German Border, and thus the former Iron Curtain. The sign reads: "Here until November 12, 1989 14:30 hours Germany and Europe were divided".
JC at the old "Kolonnenweg" - The Kolonnenweg was the East-German border patrol road and ran along the entire German-German border all the way from the Baltic to Czechoslovakia.
JC with the cache at the stone commemorating the opening up of the border.
Information sign
Bahnhof Schierke
August 18, 2010

Bahnhof Schierke - The picturesque and nostalgic Schierke railway station in the middle of the forest of the Harz National Park. From here you can travel by steam train to the top of the 1142 meter high Mount Brocken, the highest mountain of northern Germany, or to Wernigerode, a beautiful town on the edge of the Harz Mountains.
Steam locomotive 997241-5 of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen at the Schierke railway station. The ambiance with the mist was so special, it felt as if we had traveled back in time a hundred years!
Beautiful wooden signs
JC with the cache and Bahnhof Schierke in the background.
The logbook
Schierker Feuerstein
August 18, 2010

On our way to the Feuerstein rock formation in the Harz National Park. It was a misty morning with a very special ambiance, making the forest look really mysterious and mystical. This is the Harz as one should experience it. It didn't take much imagination to see the Harz witches fly around on their brooms.
Mysterious and mystical forest 2
At the foot of the rock formation
Goethe was here!
Looking up to the "Feuerstein".
The petling cache and its logbook
JC and the Feuerstein
Raspberry plant with dew
Altes Fischerdorf Usedom
August 4, 2010

Trail markers
Naturpark Insel Usedom
Waypoint 1 - Note the bended pine tree. Down below, behind the little café starts the beach and the Baltic Sea.
View on the beach and the sea
The old fishing village
Cache and logbook
The old fishing village 2
The old fishing village 3
The beach and a fishing boat
The Baltic Sea
Wolgast - Schöne Aussichten -
August 4, 2010

Schöne Aussichten - This cache is hidden on top of the 50 meter high tower of the St.Petri church in the town of Wolgast. The photo shows the beautiful Wolgast city hall seen from the top of the tower.
Cache and logbook
The "Rathaus" zoomed in on.
View towards the island of Usedom - The blue bridge, or "Das Blaue Wunder" as it's called locally, crosses Strait Peene from Wolgast to Usedom.
One of the church bells of the St.Petri tower.
The narrow staircase that brings you to the top of the tower.
Window of one of the half-timbered houses down by the St.Petri nave.
The St.Petri church and its tower.
The Rathaus seen from sea level
Nostalgic gift shops and streets in Wolgast.
Fountain in front of the Rathaus.
The locals are always in for a chat in Wolgast.
Letterbox-Hybrid - Insel Usedom II
August 3, 2010

Cache, logbook, and letterbox stamp
Ahlbecker Park
August 3, 2010

Cache and logbook
Geocaching ohne Grenzen/bez granic 4
August 3, 2010

Kite shop in Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom.
The square in front of the historical Ahlbeck Pier. The cache is hidden under the pier.
The Baltic Sea and the Usedom beach
The beach and Ahlbeck
Ahlbeck Historical Pier
The cache
Fishing boats
Fishing boat on the beach
Bad weather closing in
Historical bus in Ahlbeck
Ahlbeck street scene
Geocaching ohne Grenzen/bez granic 1
August 3, 2010

At the Polish border on the island of Usedom - Poland is the 15th country on our geocaches found list! The Baltic Sea island of Usedom is part German, part Polish.
A proud JC at the Polish border
Geocaching "bez granic"!
Polish "taxi cabs" ready to carry tourists to the town of Swinoujscie.
Another shot of the border
Polish mailbox - How common things become interesting when you're in another country.
The German - Polish border on Usedom - There used to be fences here, but since Poland entered the "borderless" Schengen Zone, the border can be freely crossed.
Beautiful Polish and German border pole - JC is a geography buff and loves these kind of things!
JC with one foot in Poland and another in Germany
Another great view on the border zone
Geocaching "bez granic" 2
Our first Polish cache!
I have no idea what it says, but it looks interesting.
The town of Swinoujscie
A market in Swinoujscie
Polish signs
Polish lady selling honey, fruit, and vegetables. Yes, I think she was asleep.
More horse carriages
More horse carriages 2
Potatoes for sale
At the border again
Geocaching ohne Grenzen/bez granic 6
August 3, 2010

The "Letzte deutsche Gaststätte vor Moskau" - JC in front of the "Last German café before Moscow", close to the Polish border, and very close to the cache location. This is on the island of Usedom in the northeasternmost part of Germany. The Baltic Sea island of Usedom is part German, part Polish territory.
JC at the "Naturpark Insel Usedom" sign near the border
The cache

Zwillbrocker Venn Runde
May 15, 2010

Bird observation tower - The Zwillbrocker Venn Runde multi takes you on a 7 km tour around the Zwillbrocker Lake. The Zwillbrocker Lake area has a rich and interesting birdlife, including Europe's northernmost breeding flamingo population! During the tour we actually spotted 21 flamingos. Unfortunately they were too far away to take good photographs. They could however be observed very well with binoculars from the observation towers and huts.
The lake
Sign showing the way to the Flamingo Island. The flamingo population of the area is concentrated on a little island in the Zwillbrocker Lake. This is where they breed and also forage most of the time. The island can be observed from the earlier mentioned towers and huts. The island is also home to a huge colony of black-headed gulls. Their cacaphony can be heard long before reaching the shores of the lake.
Looking into the Netherlands - A large part of the trail around the lake in he south stretches along the border with the Netherlands. The border between the Netherlands and Germany is very obvious here. On the other side of the border it's only agricultural lands, in Germany it's the protected nature area of the Zwillbrocker Venn.
The Zwillbrocker Venn trail along the border
Naturschutzgebiet sign - note the patches of moss (or lichen?) on it.
Peatbog - Much of the area consists of peat bogs.
Interesting border stone dating from the year 1766! In the old days the swampy area was a popular route for smugglers.
Cache # 500! - This was JC's 500th Cache! (SPOILER!)
Biski Letterbox
March 23, 2010

The cache
March 22, 2010

The cache (SPOILER!)
Schloss Braunfels 3te Auflage
March 22, 2010

Braunfels with the Braunfels Castle. This multi cache leads you through the picturesque and peaceful Hessian town of Braunfels.
Gate leading to the castle. To the left the inn where we stayed for a couple of days, "Gasthof am Turm".
Sign dangling from our inn.
Braunfels 2 - every now and then you'll discover a place where time stood still.
Bee Easter decoration at the market square.
Braunfels 3 - "Am Markt". View from Gasthof am Turm.
Looking out from our room at the Gasthof am Turm.
Braunfels 4
Braunfels 5
Braunfels 6
Braunfels 7
The old well
The old well 2
Braunfels 8
Braunfels Castle
Braunfels Castle 2
It's almost Easter!
Giant redwood tree in the Braunfels park.
Braunfels by night
Roter Turm
December 2, 2009

The "Red Tower"
Cache and log
Christmas fairy tale land in a shopping mall next to the Red Tower
Christmas fairy tale land 2
Christmas fairy tale land 3
Chemnitz Christmas Market
Chemnitz Christmas Market 2
Chemnitz Christmas Market 3
Chemnitz Christmas Market 4
Chemnitz Christmas Market 5
Chemnitz Christmas Market 6
Chemnitz nightwatchman
Hauptbahnhof Chemnitz
December 2, 2009

The cache (SPOILER!)
JC with the cache, in the background the Chemnitz central railway station
JC in front of the colossal bust of Karl Marx. Chemnitz was formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt (during DDR regime)
Altes Rathaus
December 1, 2009

Christmas Market in front of the "Altes Rathaus"
Tower of the Altes Rathaus
The cache (SPOILER!)
The cache 2 (SPOILER!)
December 1, 2009

The Leipzig central railway station festively decorated for Christmas
Leipzig central railway station 2
The Nikolai church and the Nikolai Church Christmas Market
The cache
Plaque commemorating the peaceful revolution of October 9th, 1989 just prior to the fall of the Wall between East- and West Germany. The Nikolai church had played an important role in the peaceful revolution,
Inside the Nikolai church
Name plate
Christmas Market at the Nikolai Church
Hauptbahnhof Dresden
November 30, 2009

Entrance hall of the Dresden central railway station
View from the cache site
The cache (SPOILER!)
The cache 2 (SPOILER!)
The impressive Dresdner Frauenkirche
Dresden street scene
Russian street musicians
575th Dresdner Striezelmarkt, the annual Dresden Christmas Market
Christmas Market
Sound of Music - Der Pavillon
August 17, 2009

Hellbrunn Palace entrance - The gazebo that was used in the movie "The Sound of Music" for the scene where Liesl sings "I am sixteen going on seventeen" is standing here in the beautiful park of Hellbrunn Palace.
The gazebo
The gazebo 2
Gazebo information
Cache and log
JC Von Trapp with the cache
View on the park from the cache location
Let's go to the Palace!
Hellbrunn Palace
Trick Fountains - Hellbrunn Palace is known around the world for its "Trick Fountains", fountains that unexpectedly start to spray, and make many a visitor leave soaking wet.
Trick Fountains indeed!
Trick Fountains 2
Trick Fountains 3
Trick Fountains 4
Trick Fountains 5
The park
Bahnhof Berchtesgaden
August 16, 2009

Looking for the cache at Berchtesgaden Railway Station
Inside the railway station
Cache and logbook
Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest) - GATE-Sendestation 5
August 16, 2009

Down in the valley at the Obersalzberg bus station - Kehlsteinhaus or "The Eagle's Nest" as it is better known, Adolf Hitler's old "Teahouse" on top of Mount Kehlstein at a height of 1834 m, today is a popular tourist attraction. One can only reach it by taking one of the special buses from Obersalzberg, or by going all the way on foot.
Going up! View from the bus. There's another bus in front of us. The special busses are fitted with a special high powered engine and special strong brakes. The road is so narrow that it's only suitable for one-way traffic. Busses going down and busses going up have to pass eachother halfway up or down at a special passage.
Another view from the bus
Tunnel entrance - The busses will take you to a height of about 1700 m. From there you'll have to walk 124 meters through a tunnel to a shaft in the mountain directly beneath Kehlteinhaus where an elevator will bring you to the top. The tunnel, elevator, and Eagle's Nest building have practically remained in its original state since it was presented to Hitler for his 50th birthday in 1938.
Tunnel entrance 2
Beautiful view from the Eagle's Nest towards Lake Königssee and the Watzmann mountain range.
Gipfelkreuz at the actual summit of Mount Kehlstein a little further up from the Eagle's Nest.
The Eagle's Nest seen from the summit.
View towards Austria and Salzburg.
Another beautiful view from near the summit.
Eagle's Nest seen from the path to the cache.
JC with the cache
Cache and logbook
View from the cache path
Alpine flora
Alpine flora 2
View from the cache path 2
Back at the Eagle's Nest - shown here is the former conference hall
The marble fireplace was a gift of Mussolini
Alpine Chough (Pyrrhocorax graculus) on the Nest's terrace
JC at 1834 m a.s.l.
August 15, 2009

The "Seeklause", originally used for log driving.
The cache (SPOILER!)
JC with the cache (SPOILER!)
The cache opened (SPOILER!)
August 15, 2009

Cache and log
View on the Königssee boat houses from the cache site
Monument for prince-regent Luitpold of Bavaria
Funny woodworkers - Give them a Euro and they will saw a wood slice for you which you can stamp with a souvenir Königssee stamp.
August 15, 2009

Village of Königssee, Königsseer Superbrezen - The Bartholomä cache is hidden in the remote hamlet of St. Bartholomä on the shore of Lake Königssee. St. Bartholomä can only be reached by taking one of the tour boats from the village of Königssee or alternatively by making a difficult mountain trek.
One of the Lake Königssee tour boats
Village of Königssee waterfront
Lake Königssee with in the background St.Bartholomä. Lake Königssee is part of the Berchtesgaden National Park, and free of any pollution is the cleanest lake in Germany. Its water can boast drinking quality.
Echo - Before reaching St. Bartolomä our tourboat guide demonsrates the famous echo of Lake Königssee's "Echowand" by playing a Bavarian tune on his trumpet!
Arriving in St. Bartholomä with its distinctive red domed chapel.
Arriving in St. Bartholomä 2
Arriving in St. Bartholomä 3
St. Bartholomä chapel
View from St. Bartholomä dock
Fischerei St. Bartholomä - the right to fish in Lake Königssee was given to the Amort family centuries ago, and this tradition is still carried on today. No other fishing is allowed in the National Park's lake. The freshly caught fish including char and trout is smoked and sold here at the "Fischerei".
View towards the cache site
Another beautiful view
Another beautiful view 2
The cache
Shelter for mountaineers going to climb or having climbed the Watzmann East Face.
We continue our journey over Lake Königsee to Saletalm at the end of the lake.
Arrival at Saletalm
Hikers get some tips from one of the locals.
Light play
Light play 2
St. Bartholomä in the shadow on our way back.
Watzmann East Face, the highest sheer face in this part of the alps, 2km from bottom to top, and a real challenge to climbers.
Look over our shoulders. Almost back in Königssee village.
Wimbachgries - Quelle am Stein
August 14, 2009

Cache and logbook

More photos, see "Wenn steine schwimmen" and "Schutzhütte" below.

Wimbachgries - Wenn Steine schwimmen
August 14, 2009

On our way to the "Gries"
The "Gries" seen from a distance. The "Gries" is a debris flow carried down from further up the Wimbach Valley and deposited during times of heavy rain. At such times stones of the Gries can actually be seen floating or "swimming". The Wimbach river actually emerges from under the Gries.
Lava - Here can be seen how the deposited debris surrounds the trees and almost looks like some sort of lava.
View from the middle of the debris flow

More photos, see "Schutzhütte" below.
Wimbachgries - Schutzhütte
August 14, 2009

Bergwacht Ramsau at the trailhead
Window of the Berchtesgaden National Park visitors center at the trailhead.
Biergarten along the way
Entering the Wimbachklamm - The cache is hidden in the Wimbach Valley, on our way we passed through the beautiful and magical Wimbachklamm (Wimbach Gorge)
Wimbachklamm 2
Wimbachklamm 3
Wimbachklamm 4
Wimbachklamm 5
Wimbachklamm 6
Wimbachklamm 7
Wimbachklamm 8
Further up in the valley
Further up in the valley 2
Alpine flower
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache at the Schutzhütte
August 13, 2009

Our Gasthof (inn) in Ramsau, Bavaria - The Malerwinkel cache is hidden in the lovely village of Ramsau, in walking distance from the inn where we stayed this summer for a week long exploration and geocaching tour of the surrounding Berchtesgadenerland.
The Malerwinkel (Painter's Corner) in Ramsau. Beside being the cache site, it's also a favourite spot with painters.
The cache
Fire wood stacked around the window of a Ramsau house.
Another beautiful day at the Malerwinkel
More flowers
Johann Grill, a mountaineer from Ramsau, was the first to conquer the famous Watzmann East Face, one of the most difficult and treacherous climbs in this part of the Alps.
Old mail coach post showing the distance in "mail coach hours" to the town of Berchtesgaden.
July 11, 2009

One of the difficult to find clues (SPOILER!)
Cache and logbook
Blumenstadt Straelen
May 16, 2009

JC on the big bench of Straelen
One of the waypoints
One of the waypoints 2
The logbook
March 17, 2009

With the cache at the cachelocation
March 16, 2009

The cache
Der Wald hat viele Gesichter
March 16, 2009

At the trail head - The sign reads "Die Seele wird vom Asphalt krum, drum liebe Wandrer, sei nicht dumm, mach kä Gedöhns und kä Tamtam, Genieß die Steckeschlääferklamm".
This wonderful multi cache leads you through the enchanting, magical and mysterious Steckeschlääfer gorge, where local woodcarvers have carved all sorts of faces in the trees. Through the gorge runs a beautiful babbling brook. At the end of the trail a forestcafe serves delicious German cheesecake and coffee with a magnificent view over the forest! Truly one of the most enjoyable caches we've ever done! The gorge is called after the sounds that can often be heard echoing through the forest from hikers dragging their walking sticks :-)
Gesicht 2
Gesicht 3
Gesicht 4
Gesicht 5
Gesicht 6
Gesicht 7
Gesicht 8
Gesicht 9
Gesicht 10
Gesicht 11
Gesicht 12
Gesicht 13
Gesicht 14
Gesicht 15
Gesicht 16
Gesicht 17
Gesicht 18
Gesicht 19
Gesicht 20
The cache
March 14, 2009

The picturesque Drossel alley
The cache
Der Lebensretter
December 6, 2008

Christmas market
Christmas market 2
Christmas market 3
The Ice Tree
The Ice tree 2
Christmas market 4
Christmas market 5
Christmas market 6
Christmas market 7
Christmas market 8
Christmas market 9
Christmas market 10
Christmas market 11
The micro cache
Der Lebensretter
Christmas market 12
Christmas market 13
Christmas market 14
Christmas market 15
Christmas market 16 - view from above
Christmas market 17 - view from above
Christmas market 18 - view from above
The Ice Tree 3 - view from above
The Ice Tree 4
Auch das sind Koblenzer Kostbarkeiten!
November 29, 2008

Koblenz Central Station, the Advent period has started!
Beautiful house in the Koblenz Altstadt
The annual Christmas Market in Koblenz
Festive decorations on top of one of the Christmas Market stalls
Horse carriage
Ressche Hennerich a famous Koblenzer and one of the waypoints of this cache
Another waypoint
A Koblenz street decorated for the Season
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the shop windows too!
The cache
Black Forest largest toilet
August 5, 2008

Cache and Black Forest's largest toilet
Cache and logbook
Scheisse! - JC's vacation highlight!
Germany's highest Waterfalls
August 4, 2008

Triberg - This cache brings you to Germany's highest waterfall. The trail starts in the lovely village of Triberg.
Triberg 2
Triberg 3
Triberg 4
Triberg 5
Squirrels are common in the woods around the waterfall. At the trail head you can buy a little bag of peanuts to feed them.
Part of the Triberg waterfall
Nutcrackers also seem to populate these woods.
On the trail
Nutcracker 2
Nutcracker 3 coming close to pick up a peanut
View on Triberg
Squirrel 2
Squirrel 3
Squirrel 4
Squirrel eating out of hand
Squirrel eating out of hand 2
Squirrel 5
Cache and logbook
Triberg waterfall again
Hemmingway was here
JC with big squirrel
August 4, 2008

Cache and logbook
JC rehiding the cache (SPOILER!)

Donauquelle Earthcache
August 3, 2008

That way to the sorce of the Donau
Trail head
Stone showing the course of the River Donau
Box with visitor book
Information plaque
JC at the source
At the source 2
At the source 3
The nearby Martinskapelle
In the nearby restaurant they serve fresh trout from a basin fed by water from the Donau source.
B500 - Parkplatz Hexenlochblick
August 3, 2008

Cache and logbook
B500 - Kalte Herberge
August 3, 2008

Cache and logbook
B500 - Lachenhaeusle
August 3, 2008

Beautiful view from the cache site
The cache
Beim Schwarzwälder Fuchs
August 3, 2008

Beim Schwarzwälder Fuchs, yes, it's a horse! - This cache gives a little tour around the idyllic and peaceful Black Forest village of St.Märgen
The St.Märgen Church
Beautiful religious statue
Entrance to the Monastery
In the Monastery garden
Church interior
H. of Team JC with the cache (SPOILER!)
Cafe Goldene Krone in St.Märgen is widely known in the region, and is renowned for its homemade local specialties like soups, kirschtorte, lemonades etc. made by local woman from the countryside that also run the cafe.
Cafe Golden Krone 2
Homemade kirschtorte and himbeer lemonade at Cafe Goldene Krone.
Rheinfall Cache
August 2, 2008

The Rheinfall near Schaffhausen in Switzerland is the largest falls in Europe, and it's probably also the most spectacular one. Boat tours are offered into the basin below the falls or will bring you to the rock in the middle where you can walk to the top. Probably the most breathtaking views are offered from the concrete lookout platform directly beside and partly build in the waterfall. The enormous power of nature that is felt here is unforgettable! It's difficult to describe the experience of visiting this waterfall in the River Rhine, but it's probably best to use the words of poet Eduard Mörike who after visiting the Rheinfall described his feelings as follows: "oh traveller, be careful and hold your heart very firm in your hands - I nearly lost mine out of joy by watching the powerful play of huge masses of water thundering down the falls and breaking the surface below, causing a mist rising high..."
The little "Rundfahrt" boat that would bring us to the basin below the falls.
View from the boat close to the waterfall, one big thundering, blinding-white mass of water.
The concrete lookout platform seen from the boat.
On our way to the rock in the middle
View on the lookout platform from the rock
Another view from the rock
The small "Felsenfahrt" boat seen from the top of the rock.
Rundfahrt boat in the mist
Maelstrom with Rundfahrt and Felsenfahrt boats
Another view from the rock 2
On the lookout platform
On the lookout platfrom 2
Spectacualr view from the platform
Spectacular view from the platform 2
Spectacular view from the platform 3
Cache and logbook
Freiburger Bächle - Der Rundgang
August 1, 2008

Freiburg - This cache leads you along 28 waypoints throughout downtown Freiburg, one of the most beautiful German towns, situated at the foot of the Black Forest mountains. On the right of this photo you can see one of the trademarks of Freiburg and what the Freiburgers call "Bächle", small canals with water streaming from the mountains. Virtually every Freiburg street has one (you'll see them again in many of the photos below). Being either a pedestrian or a driver one must be very careful not to accidentally step or drive in one of these water streams. Legend has it that if you accidentally step in one you'll marry a Freiburger. The water of the Bächle is very clean and in summer the children of Freiburg can be seen playing in it.
Hypnotic doors
Monkey fountain
Monkey close-up
Summer rain
Freiburg 2
Freiburg 3
Freiburg 4
Freiburg 5 - Another Black Forest clock salesman from yesteryear.
The Rathaus and Rathausplatz
Freiburg 6
Bächle 2
Münterplatz at the foot of the Münster Cathedral.
Münsterplatz 2
The Kaufhaus at Münsterplatz
View from the tower of the Münster Cathedral
View 2 - We actually were so brave to climb the narrow and neverending stairs of the cathedral tower. On the top a cache called Hosanna (GCJDCG) is hidden. Unfortunately we didn't find it.
Narrow alley
Münsterplatz 3 - Note the Bächle
Freiburg 7
Beautiful summer street scene - Note the Bächle
Freiburg 8
Crocodile 2
Finally, cache and logbook!
July 31, 2008

The Hexenlochmühle used to be a water driven saw mill. It's now a picturesque restaurant and cuckoo clock shop. Hidden deep in a Black Forest valley it's almost like a place out of a fairy tale.
Hexenlochmühle 2
Hexenlochmühle 3
Cuckoo clocks for sale
The Schwartzwälder Kirschtorte at the Hexenlochmühle is absolutely delicious!
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache
One last view
Kuckucksuhr Schonach
July 31, 2008

The first Black Forest clock shop - The first clock & souvenir shop we visited on our Black Forest Geocaching Tour. The Black Forest region is renowned for its traditional clock making industry and its cuckoo clocks. The countless clock and souvenir shops in the area offer a wide range of beautiful handmade cuckoo clocks as well as other clocks.
Big cuckoo clock, but not the biggest we would get to see today.
Black Forest clock salesman from yesteryear
Mural on a clock shop wall in Triberg
Mural on a clock shop wall in Triberg 2
One of the world's largest cuckoo clocks - This is the one in Schonach where the micro cache is hidden.
The Schonach clock 2
The huge mechanism inside the Schonach clock
View on the Schonach clock from the cache site
Cache and logbook
Another one claiming to be the largest. This one's near Triberg.
By night
July 15, 2008

The 573 meters long beech hedge La Charmille
Info sign
Cache and logbook
The nearby village of Remouchamps
May 12, 2008

Castle Reinhardstein
Castle Reinhardstein 2
Medieval music at Castle Reinhardstein
Cacher EEG with a Reinhardstein beer
Castle Reinhardstein 3
Castle Reinhardstein 4
Medieval fest at Reinhardstein
Medieval fest 2
Medieval B-B-Q
JC with the cache
Anciennes industries de la Vallée
May 11, 2008

Village of Sart - This multi starts in the picturesque village of Sart where clues had to be found around the market square.
One of the clues unexpectedly was found here at the local grocery store.
Hoegne Valley - The multi cache continues through the beautiful Hoegne Valley.
Old tipping wagons used to transport peat
JC resting at the Hoegne river
The beautiful Ardennes nature
EEG crossing the river
Trying to determine the final location
Cache and logbook
Signal du Botrange
May 11, 2008

Our camp site in the Ardennes. We were in the Ardennes for a three-day camping and geocaching trip.
Baraque Michel roadhouse along one of the main routes through the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve.
Baraque Michel at alt. 672 meters a.s.l.
When the red flag is hoisted it's forbidden to enter the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve due to high risk of wild fires.
Geocacher EEG giving the finger to the red flag - Our initial plans were to do some caching in the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve, but the red flag was hoisted and the area was closed. We discovered some other caches we could do like Signal du Botrange.
The actual "Signal" at 700m a.s.l. the highest point of Belgium.
On top of the "Signal"
Cache and log
Botrange Fire Watchtower
A Wallonian "Louis de Funes" on top of the watch tower hectically whistling and repremanding people who were about to access the forbidden area.
United Kingdom
Newcastle - Hanover Street
April 29, 2008

Scrumpy Willow & The Singing Kettle - On our way to Hanover Street.
Fish & Chips
Forth Banks, close to hanover Street.
At the cache site
Cache and log
North Shields Fish Quay - This was the last cache on our Newcastle mini-cruise. Time to head home again. This is the North Shields Fish Quay on the River Tyne seen from the m/s Princess of Norway (see log below for Newcastle: Well It'll Keep).
North Shields Fish Quay 2
North Shields Fish Quay 3
The ruins of Tynemouth Priory
Fishing vessel, the last of England; we head out into the open North Sea back to IJmuiden.
United Kingdom
Newcastle - Town Walls
April 29, 2008

The smelly alley - The cache is hidden in a narrow, greasy, and smelly alley between the medieval townwall and the back of the restaurants of Newcastle's Chinatown. Better skip this cache if you don't want to forever loose your appetite for Chinese food :-)
Cache and log
Chinatown Arch seen over the medieval townwall from the alley.
United Kingdom
April 29, 2008

The Chinatown Arch, gateway to Newcastle's Chinatown, not far from the NUFC stadium.
JC with the cache in front of the NUFC stadium - NUFC is the famous Premier League football team Newcastle United.
Cache and log
United Kingdom
Centre of Newcastle
April 29, 2008

On our way to Grey's Monument, the centre of Newcastle
Grey Street - In the background the Earl Grey monument.
Grey's Monument
At the foot
Cache and log
United Kingdom
Vampire Rabbit
April 29, 2008

The Vampire Rabbit preying for innocent geocachers.
The cache
Statue close to the cache site
United Kingdom
Newcastle: Well It'll Keep
April 29, 2008

The m/s Princess of Norway docked in IJmuiden - We took a three-day mini-cruise with the DFDS Seaways cruise-ferry Princess of Norway from IJmuiden, Holland to Newcastle, England. GCW9B6 was the first cache we did after arriving in Newcastle. It was our first cache in the UK and our first cache on the Western Hemisphere!
The port of IJmuiden seen from the ship.
Planning our caching strategy for Newcastle aboard the Princess of Norway.
15 hours later; England Ahoy!
The ship enters the mouth of the River Tyne on our way to the Port of Tyne.
South Tyneside seen from the ship
South Tyneside 2 seen from the ship
Drilling Rig Northern Producer docked in the Port of Tyne.
Center of Newcastle - On the right the double decker bus that brought us here from the ferry terminal.
That away!
Western Hemisphere! - This is what my Garmin GPS12 read when I turned it on at the Central Station. Never before I had seen a W in front of the longitude coordinate!
Downtown Newcastle - note the typical English taxi and bus.
JC with a Royal Mail mailbox - Mr. Bean wasn't in it!
Little castles could be found in the pavement everywhere.
Close to the cache site - In the background the St. Nicholas Church, right the Black Gate.
At the cache location
Our first UK cache! - Somebody put in a note with an A.A. Milne poem scribbled on it.
The 12th century castle keep seen from the cache location. The castle's predecessor at the same site gave Newcastle its name.
The Black Gate
The Black Gate 2
April 12, 2008

Brugge 1
Brugge 2
Brugge 3
Brugge 4
Brugge 5
Brugge 6
Brugge 7
Brugge 8
Brugge 9
Brugge 10
Brugge 11
Brugge 12
Brugge 13
Brugge 14
Brugge 15
Brugge 16
Brugge 17
Brugge 18
Brugge 19
Brugge 20
Brugge 21
Brugge 22
Brugge 23
Brugge 24
Brugge 25
Brugge 26
Brugge 27
Brugge 28
Brugge 29
The cache
January 13, 2008

Steig aus und wandere - trail signs
Path leading to the Ruhrquelle (Source of the Ruhr river) - the bridge actually goes over the little stream that eventually becomes the Ruhr river
At the Ruhrquelle - This cache leads you to the source of the Ruhr river near the winter sports village of Winterberg in the Sauerland region of Germany.
At the Ruhrquelle 2
JC with the cache
The logbook
Gotteshäuser: Alte Synagoge in Essen
December 18, 2007

December 18, 2007

Essen Hbf
December 18, 2007

Alte Schleuse
December 16, 2007

Hameln - The cache is hidden on the Weser river in the picturesque town of Hameln, known for the famous legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (the rat-catcher).
Hameln Christmas Market
Hameln Christmas Market 2
Hameln Christmas Market 3
Statue of the Pied Piper
Hameln Christmas Market 4 - Organ Grinders
Micro cache and logbook
Mural of the Pied Piper
Rats lead you to the Hameln town center
Auf wiedersehen Hamelner Weihnachtsmarkt
revolutionscache #2 reloaded!
August 6, 2007

On our way to the cache we passed the Berlin Hi-Flyer, a captive hot air balloon which brings tourists to a height of 150 meters
Bear fountain and remains of the Berlin wall turned into art
Remains of the wall
Remains of the wall and old "Trabis"
JC with his new cache mobile
Let's go geocaching!
Cache and logbook
The cache location - On June 17th, 1953 tenthousands of East-Berlin workers gathered here to demonstrate. Only hours later Soviet tanks suffocated violently the 1st revolution in the DDR.
Ampelmänchen again
Historic Words
August 6, 2007

Living statues at Berlin's famous boulevard "Unter den Linden"
Souvenir shops at Unter Den Linden
Souvenir shops 2 - The bear is the symbol of Berlin
Friedrich Strasse with in the background the "Fernsehturm". We are on our way to Checkpoint Charlie which is located in the Friedrich Strasse, and also is virtual cache Historic Words
Red "ampelmännchen", the famous little traffic light man of former East-Berlin which has become a cult figure showing up on Berlin t-shirts, mugs, keyrings, etc.
Green "ampelmänchen
Friedrich Srasse and Checkpoint Charlie - The big billboard shows an American soldier. On the other side a portrait of a Soviet soldier can be seen. During the cold war Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between West and East Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie actually became a symbol of the cold war, representing the separation of east and west.
Checkpoint Charlie
JC at Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie 2
Checkpoint Charlie 3
Old US Army sign
Snackpoint Charlie
August 6, 2007

Memorials for DDR citizens killed during their attempt to flee to West-Berlin
Memorials 2
Memorials 3
The Brandenburger Tor
The Reichstag
Pariser Platz with the Brandenburger Tor
JC at the Brandenburger Tor
The Brandenburger Tor from directly beneath it
Cache and logbook
The Brandenburger Tor by night later that day
The Brandenburger Tor by night later that day 2
The Brandenburger Tor by night later that day 3
August 6, 2007

Berlin Hauptbahnhof - We've arrived in Berlin!
Berlin Hauptbahnhof 2
International sand sculpture festival
International sand sculpture festival 2
On our way to the cache - In the background Berlin's "fernsehturm"
The river Spree and the Reichstag (left), seat of the German parliament
JC with the micro cache - The Reichstag is seen in the background
Cache and logbook
The Reichstag
Schwarzburger Schatzkästchen
August 5, 2007

The ruins of castle Schwarzburg
Castle Schwarzburg
JC with the cache
The village of Schwarzburg
August 5, 2007

Crossing the Schwarza river to the valley station of the Oberweissbacher mountain railway. The micro cache lies near the mountain station at the summit of the railway. The mountain railway climbs up the mountain at a 25% gradient. The mountain railway was built in the 1920's to connect the mountain villages to the main Schwarzatal railway in the valley.
The Schwarza river
The nostalgic valley station
The valley station 2
Boarding the mountain railway coach - The coach is on a special freight platform which enables standard-gauge wagons to be carried "piggyback" to the summit.
View on the steep track from the coach. A 40mm thick steel cable pulls the wagon to the mountain station.
Our coach at the mountain station in Lichtenhain
The mountain station
Coach going down the mountain
Coach going down the mountain 2
Cache and logbook
The mountain station 2
Lichtenhain with the mountain station and the Bistropa diner - Bistropa is an old Deusche Bahn coach turned into a diner. On their menu mostly local Thuringian food. We can really recommend the "bouletten".
August 3, 2007

At the Feengrotten (Fairy Caves) Park
The "Quellenhaus"
Wooden sculpture of a miner
That away to the caves entrance!
Entrance to the Feengrotten with miners' sign and German miners' greeting ("Good luck on the way up!")
Ready for our underground guided tour of the Feengrotten - Special jackets were handed out to protect our clothing in the narrow caverns
Inside the beautiful feengrotten
Caves exit with souvenir shop
Narrow gauge mining wagons
On the trail to the cache
Mister Acorn shows us the way
Almost there!
The cache site (SPOILER!)
The cache - JC's 400th cache!
JC with giant salamander - many real ones could be seen in the puddles of the forest, but quite a bit smaller ofcourse
Trail signs
Forest spirits
May 25, 2007

The Sellaronda cache
The cache site
Close to the cache site
The Gardena Pass - After we'd found the Sellaronda cache, we took the opportunity to visit some of the nearby spectacular mountain passes like Passo Gardena (2137m) and Passo Sella (2240m)
Passo Gardena 2
Passo Gardena 3
Passo Sella
Passo Sella 2
Passo Sella 3
Passo Sella 4
Passo Sella 5
Passo Sella 6
Mountain marmot at Passo Pordoi
Drive-In Armentarola
May 25, 2007

View from the Valparola Pass, a couple of kilometers from the cache site
JC at the Valparola Pass
There it is! (SPOILER!)
Cache and logbook
View from the cache site
Ciastel da Andraz "strada de la vena"
May 24, 2007

Andraz Castle comes into sight
Andraz Castle
Andraz Castle 2
Mountain brook near the cache location
Cache, logbook and TB Südtiroler Küi Glögge
Märchensee der Dolomiten
May 24, 2007

Falzarego Pass - To get to the cache at Lake Carezza we drove part of the "Grande Strada delle Dolomiti" and passed several of its mountain passes like Passo Falzarego (2117m) and Passo Pordoi (2240m)
Falzarego souvenir shop
Woodcarving at Passo Falzarego
Passo Falzarego
The Passo Falzarego chapel - Note how the shape of the chapel is similar to that of the mountains in the background
Passo Pordoi
Doggy in display window at Passo Pordoi
View from Passo Pordoi
Descending Passo Pordoi
Mountain peaks
At the cache location: "mushroom picking prohibited"
Cache and logbook
Lake Carezza - View from the cache site, magnificent!!
Lake Carezza 2 - View from the cache site, magnificent!!
Lake Carezza 3 - View from the cache site, magnificent!!
Ranui Cache
May 23, 2007

The cache site, The San Giovanni chapel in Ranui
Close up
There it is!
Cache and logbook
JC with the cache
Reinhold Messner 1 - Dolomites
May 23, 2007

Frescoed window in Santa Maddalena - This cache is hidden near the former home of famous Italian mountain climber Reinhold Messner in Santa Maddalena
The church near the cache location
Church and graveyard
View from the cache location
Cache and Italian cache note
Close to the cache location - in the middle the former home of Messner
Dolasilla e Lujanta
May 22, 2007

View on Lago di Braies - This cache takes you on a tour around beautiful Lake Braies. Two identical caches have to be found in order to log this cache, namely the local legend twins "Dolasilla" and "Lujanta". From the two caches identical goodies have to be taken and also identical goodies have to be left. The cache was quite difficult and it took us two days before we finally managed to complete it!
Lago di Braies chapel - the starting point
Lago di Braies
Lago di Braies 2
Lago di Braies 3
Lago di Braies 4
The logbook
Lago di Braies 5
Look at the amazing colors the lake is made up of!
Way markers
The chapel seen from the other side of the lake
The logbook
The cache site (SPOILER!)
There it is! (SPOILER!)
Another view on the chapel
The "hog stump"
Lago di Braies flora
Tranquil evening mood at Lago di Braies
Dolasilla e Lujanta - the trade items taken from the twin cache
May 20, 2007

View from the trail on the village of Cortina d'Ampezzo below
The astronomical observatory of the Cortina Astronomical Society on Col Druscie. The cache is hidden near the observatory.
View from the observatory
Cache and logbook
Name plate with height, latitude, and longitude
Another view on the mountains
JC with the cache
EU Collection
May 19, 2007

Cache and logbook - Our first Italian cache!
View from the cache site
February 20, 2007

The cache
Heinrich Toppler
February 19, 2007

Old entrance of the Rothenburg city hall - This cache leads you along the most prominent places in the life of 15th century Rothenburg lord mayor Heinrich Toppler. The cache leads through the town of Rothenburg o.d. Tauber and down into the Tauber Valley. Toppler played an important role in Rothenburg history as he led the town to its heyday.
Old Kingdom of Bavaria postbox
Castle garden and the Burg Tower
Burg Tower entrance
A look down into the Tauber Valley from the Castle Garden - The building on the left is "Toppler's Little Castle"
Down in the Tauber Valley
Walking along the Tauber River
Nice bridge over the Tauber
Down in the Tauber Valley 2 - on our way to Toppler's Little Castle
Toppler's Little Castle
Enter here
Cache and logbook
Rothenberg Rathaus
February 19, 2007

On the market square
On the market square 2
Webcam picture 1 - This is a webcam cache. The webcam pictures were taken by our cache buddy EEG at his work in the Netherlands.
Webcam picture 2
First Rothenburg ob der Tauber Cache
February 18, 2007

Georgengasse - narrow street in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber. This cache leads you through this picturesque and fairy tale medieval town and over its town wall.
Rothenburg market square
Ratsherrntrinkstube on the market square
Forged iron hotel sign
The old Käthe Wohlfahrt car in front of the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Village.
Horse carriage
View from the town wall. In the background the towers of the St. Jacobs Church and the town hall.
Gerlagsschmiede as seen from the town wall.
On the town wall
Memorial plaque from Metro Goldwyn Mayer who in Rothenburg filmed the Brothers Grimm movie.
Plönlein, one of my favorite spots in Rothenburg.
Kobolzeller Tower, one of the many medieval fortified town entrances.
JC standing at the Kobolzeller gate
Röder Tower and bastion, another fortified town entrance
That away!
Inside the Röder Bastion
View on Rothenburg from close to the cache site
The cache in its hiding place
The Röder Fountain with the Markus Tower
Klenkes 2005 - Grenzsteine
February 4, 2007

Religious statue
Borderstone LI - This cache leads you along the old borderstones of the former mini state of Neutral Moresnet. When still in existence the mini state of only 344 hectares was sandwiched between the Netherlands and Prussia. Neutral Moresnet existed from 1816 to 1919. Nowadays the area is part Belgium. Borderstones XXXI through LX marked the Moresnet border with Prussia. Of the 60 borderstones that once existed over 50 can still be found.
Trail signs
Moresnet borderstone XXXIIII
Prussian borderstone
Prussian borderstone 2
The cache
Düsseldorf Harbour 6: Alter Hafen
December 18, 2006

On our way to the cache - Christmas market "Engelchen Marktes" at Heinrich-Heine-Platz
Christmas market Flingerstraße, not far from the cache
Christmas market Marktplatz, not far from the cache
Roasted chestnuts
The cache (SPOILER!)
View from the cache site

December 18, 2006

On our way to the famous shoppingstreet Königsallee (affectionally called "Kö" by the Düsseldorfers) we visited a couple of the beautiful Düsseldorfer christmas markets. This is the one at Shadowplatz.
Christmas market Shadowplatz
Christmas market Shadowplatz 2
Christmas market Shadowplatz 3 - Frische brezeln
Christmas market Shadowstraße - Roasted chestnuts
Christmas market Shadowplatz 4
Christmas market Shadowplatz 5
"Kö on Ice" ice skating ring close to the cache
Cache and logbook
Königsallee # 1
Kö on Ice and the Kaufhof an der Kö at night
JC and Santa on his sleigh
Kaufhof window display
Christmas market at night
Düsseldorfer Stadtteile: Stadtmitte
December 18, 2006

View from the cache site - The micro cache is hidden on top of a parking garage of a huge department store!
Cache and log
JC is greeted by his favorite childhood toy when he steps out of the elevator of the department store
Street scene down below
Düsseldorf Hbf
December 18, 2006

The Haubtbahnhof beautifully decorated for the Holidays
JC with the cache
Cache and log
Dortmund: Kunstmeile Kaiserstraße I
December 10, 2006

Bellboy - The last 9 minutes of travelling to Dortmund we did by train. Here we've arrived at Dortmund Hauptbahnhof. A German lady gets a very unusual train boarding.
Dortmund Hauptbahnhof - Last summer Dortmund was one of the hosting cities of the Football World Cup in Germany.
Rhino - The first of many we would encounter today. A local told us Dortmund has a hundred of these colorful winged rhinos, all of them painted differently. One of them even is part of the multi-cache we did that day.
Santa welcomes us to the city center of Dortmund.
Santa 2 - Note the Santa rhino!
Gigantic candle pyramid on Platz von Netanya at one of the Dortmunder Weihnachtsmärkte. Directly underneath the pyramid one can get delicious punch, hot chocolate, and glühwein.
Underneath the candle pyramid - In Germany you get your hot coco with a straw!
Seasonal Dortmunder street scene
Weihnachtsmarkt 2
Something about beer, haha
Waypoint one of the Kaiserstraße cache
Cache and log
The world's biggest Christmas tree on Hansaplatz. It's 45 meters high and has 20,000 lights!!
Gotteshäuser: Clemenskirche Münster
December 2, 2006

GPSr, logbook, and cache
An der Clemenskirche
Münster at night
One of the six Weihnachtsmärkte in Münster
Münster Hbf
December 2, 2006

JC with the cache at the Hauptbahnhof
Cache and logbook
September 10, 2006

17th century border stone Beirbum
Cache and logbook
Wulfke's picknick
September 10, 2006

Trail to the cache
The Getzbach stream
Cache and logbook
A 14 - Go West
May 27, 2006
Sommer rodelbahn Altenberg
May 26, 2006

Nix wie hin!
The cache
Johny Cache going uphill
Johny Cache coming downhill
The rodel track seen from a distance
Schloss Kuckuckstein - Herrensitze in Sachsen
May 25, 2006

Castle Kuckuckstein in Liebstadt
Castle Kuckuckstein 2
View from one of the castle windows
The Kuckuckstein ghost
Wall paintings in the "Freimauer Loge"
The cache
View from the cache location
The castle and the Liebstadt church
May 23, 2006

The cache
View from the cache site
Climbers on the Herkulessäulen further up the Biela valley
The Herkulessäulen
View on the Biela valley
Climbers on the Herkulessaulen 2
Die Kirnitzschklamm
May 22, 2006

Beautiful vistas on our way to the Kirnitzsch valley
Old Trabant - The Trabant car was produced in this part of Germany when it was still the German Democratic Republic (DDR). A lot of people here are still driving their old "Trabi".
The Lichtenhainer Wasserfall Tavern in the Kirnitzsch valley, endpoint of the nostalgic Kirnitzschbahn electrical tram.
Lichtenhainer Wasserfall Tavern
Of old a popular area with travelers
The Lichtenhainer waterfall
Trailmarkers at the start of our hike down to the Kirnitzschklamm gorge
On the trail
Toadstool tree
The canoe station - Close to the cache location you can take a guided canoe trip through the narrow Kirnitzsch gorge down the Kirnitzsch river which separates the Czech Republic from Germany.
Lonely canoe guide seen from the cache site
The cache
Old loggers hut - In the old days the Kirnitzsch was used to transport logs by letting them float down the river.
The Kirnitsch gorge seen from the canoe - After finding the cache we took the days last guided canoe trip.
Old DDR border stone seen from the canoe
Old hut - from here we continued on foot
The canoe guide leaving us behind
Alter Aufzug
May 21, 2006

The 50-meter-high, 100-years-old elevator in Bad Schandau, giving access to the part of town called Ostrau as well as to numerous hiking trails
On top
Down below
Bad Schandau on the Elbe river - View from the top
The cache

Earthcache: Elbsandsteingebirge
May 21, 2006

JC with one of the Sachische Schweiz National Park marker stones - One out of two mandatory photos needed to log this earthcache
JC in front of one of the Elbsandsteingebirge rock formations (the other mandatory photo)
Bastei - On Top!
May 21, 2006

Freistaat Sachsen - On our way to the Bastei rocks
View on the Elbe river
Crowded lookout point high above the Elbe
View from the lookout point
Another spectacular view from the lookout point
The Gansfelsen seen from the Bastei
Lilienstein table rock seen from the Bastei
Felsenburg Neurathen (right) - The cache is located close to where the people are
The Bastei footbridge leading to Felsenburg Neurathen
On the Bastei bridge
View from Felsenburg Neurathen
Metal bridges allow one to walk from top to top of the Felsenburg rock formations
Metal bridges 2
The Felsenwächter
The little cache container
Area 52
December 13, 2005

The logbook
Cologne Downtown
November 22, 2005

Our starting point: Köln Hauptbahnhof
The impressive Kölner Dom
Kölner Dom 2
Kölner Dom 3
Kölner Dom 4
Kölner Dom 5
Kölner Dom 6
Weihnachtsmarkt at Roncalli Platz
Weihnachtsmarkt at Roncalli Platz 2
Display window of Sweethearts
Inside Sweethearts - lots of German handicraft "Nussknacker" and "Rauchermännchen"
Statue at one of the waypoints
Disney Land? - no, it's Am Gross St. Martin
Nutcracker House
Just two guys
Weihnachtsmarkt at Alter Markt
Roasted chestnuts
The cache
Roncalli Platz by night
Portal to the Past (Köln)
November 22, 2005

JC at the Portal to the Past in Cologne
September 17, 2005

The wizzard's home
The logbook and cache
JC at the hunting tower nearby the cache location.
Top of Pinneberg
July 6, 2005

The m/s Polarstern - With an average speed of 60 km/h this catamaran took us on a 3-hour voyage from Eemshaven to the German island of Helgoland, a tiny, remote rock in the Northsea.
We've arrived on Helgoland, time to enter the coordinates of the cache into the GPSr.
Signs pointing out distance and bearing to other islands
Shops on Helgoland - On Helgoland you can shop tax free! Thousands of people visit the island to buy candy, parfume, consumer electronics, toys, and most of all booze and cigarettes!
Ships anchored just off the coast of Helgoland
The small wandering island of Düne
The colorful settlement on the "Oberland" part of Helgoland. The whole island was covered with flowers and thousands of white butterflies hovered around everywhere.
The red cliffs of Helgoland
Cliffs and the Helgoland lighthouse
JC with the virtual cache, highest point of the island and of Pinneberg "kreis".
One of the cliffs more to the north - The cliffs are populated by thousands of birds including gannets, kittiwakes, and guillemots.
The "Lange Anna" rock at the northern point of the island.
Czech Republic
Kvilda view
July 1, 2005

JC at the Czech Republic border
Deserted roads in Sumava on our way to Kvilda.
We've reached the village of Kvilda
Kvilda church
The cache
The village of Modrava
Small settlement in Sumava - Note the old Czech made Skoda car.
Typical Sumava landscape
June 29, 2005

With the "Deutsche Bahn" from Germany to Salzburg.
Salzburg, town of The Sound of Music - The Mozartkugel cache leads you through this beautiful town.
The house of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the waypoints of this multi cache.
Local musicians on one of the bridges over the Salzach river.
View from the bridge, with castle Hohensalzburg in the background.
Horse carriage
View on Mozart's birth house
Mozart's birth house
One of the many busy shopping streets
Shop specialised in Mozartkugeln, a local chocolate delicacy.
Horse carriages
Beautiful fountain
Playing checkers
Beautiful monument
Salzburg seen from the Mönchsberg - It almost has something oriental.
The cache
Schmuggler Cache
June 28, 2005

"Maria Klobenstein" chapel
The "Großache" river - View from the cache location.
The cache
JC on the suspension bridge
On the suspension bridge
View from the suspension bridge
Triglav National Park / Izviru Soce
June 27, 2005

On our way to the cache - View on the village of Mojstrana.
JC has arrived in the village of Kranjska Gora.
Kranjska Gora, port to Triglav National Park.
Souvenir hunting in Kranjska Gora - Left Team JC member, right Kranjska Gorian local.
Nicely painted hut in Kranjska
Russian chapel on the Vrsic road - The chapel was built by Russian prisoners of war in 1917.
View on the spectacular Julian Alps from the Vrsic road.
Sheep on Vrsic pass, 1611 meter a.s.l.
Signs at the trail head
Trail to the cache
JC at the trail
The cache and TB Bobcat Rhinehart
Statue of Dr. Julius, mountaineering pioneer in the Julian Alps.
One last look at the Julian Alps before leaving Slovenia.
A tribute to the father of geocaching
May 25, 2005

The cache, logbook and TB "antipodes".
Magic Potion
May 16, 2005

You'll first need to find this (SPOILER!) - This really is a fun cache. It involves a map and a magic potion. Can't give away too much here.
AlsaCache 2005 #6: Forêt de Westhoffen
May 15, 2005

Photos can be found in the special AlsaCache 2005 section on the miscellany page.
AlsaCache 2005 #1: Cascade de Nideck
May 15, 2005

Photos can be found in the special AlsaCache 2005 section on the miscellany page.
AlsaCache 2005 #4: Bugatti Town
May 15, 2005

Photos can be found in a special AlsaCache 2005 section on the miscellany page.
AlsaCache 2005
May 15, 2005

AlsaCache 2005 was a one-day geocaching event in the Alsace region of France. More about the event including photos can be found in the special AlsaCache section on the miscellany page.
Tres Tabernae
May 14, 2005

Photos can be found in the special AlsaCache 2005 section on the miscellany page.
Dunes d'Hardelot
April 22, 2005

Beach of Hardelot
Hardelot beach bums
Dune village Hardelot
The dunes of Hardelot
JC with the cache
Hardelot street scene
Points to View (Cap Blanc Nez)
April 22, 2005

View on Cap Blanc Nez and its WWI monument
Points to View - the Pas de Calais seen from Cap Blanc Nez.
WWII gun emplacements and monument at Cap Blanc Nez.
Spectacular view on the beach below
JC looking out over the "Pas de Calais" from one of the gun emplacements.
Ice cream man at Cap Blanc Nez.
Village of Escalles, with Cap Blanc Nez in the background.
Down on the beach
Down on the beach 2
Down on the beach 3
Down on the beach 4
Early Flyer (Cap Blanc Nez)
April 22, 2005

JC at the cache site, a monument for one of the early aviation pioneers.
Another view on the cache site
Borkumer Duenen
April 2, 2005

Waiting to board the m/s "Ost Friesland" in Eemshaven, Netherlands. The ferry would take us on a one hour voyage to the German island of Borkum.
m/s "Ost Friesland"
On board
View from the promenade deck
Arrival at Borkum
JC in Stadt Borkum
Unusual means of transport on Borkum
JC with the cache
In the Borkumer Duenen
On the beach
The endless Borkumer beach
Waiting for the bus in the middle of nowhere. Still one hour to go, and we had to get back to Stadt Borkum quick to catch the last train to the last ferry. We might make it just in time. Now lets hope that bus schedule doesn't lie!
At the "Insel-Bahnhof" - We made it in time! A nostalgic train ride brought us back to the ferry.
Beim grossen Loch
March 26, 2005

The "Big Hole" - See GHOST TOWN
The "Big Hole" 2
The cache
March 26, 2005

Ghost town Etzweiler - This little modern ghost town is on the edge of the enourmous pit being the result of the opencast brown coal mining of Hambach (see Beim Grossen Loch). By 2006 the pit will have expanded beyond the village limits and Etzweiler will have been wiped off the map of Germany for ever. The village has already been abondened by its inhabitants.
Main street
One of the houses
Also ghosts need to go to the bathroom
Close to the cache location
The cache
Where's In A Name
March 24, 2005
Bütgenbach Stuwdam
March 11, 2005

Bütgenbach Stuwdam artificial lake still frozen
The micro cache
Village of Bütgenbach in the German speaking part of Belgium
Winter at the Belgian-German border
Alte Cochemer Strasse
March 10, 2005

View over Cochem from close to the cache location.
The cache
Old Mustard Mill
March 10, 2005

The Old Mustard Mill, a virtual cache in Mosel town Cochem.
March 10, 2005

View on the beautiful Mosel River
Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty) - This cache leads you through the lovely Mosel village of Beilstein, also called "the Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel"
Beilstein impression
Beilstein impression 2
Beilstein impression 3
The "Klostertreppe" (The monastery stairway)
Religious statue along the stairway
View from the top of the stairway
Close to the cache
JC with the cache
Kirche ohne Dorf
March 9, 2005

The Church Without a Village - The cache is hidden near this church. The village belonging to this church disappeared from the map in the late 1970s / early 1980s when its inhabitants left due to the expansion of a nearby airbase and the aircraft noises that came along with it. Ironically, in 1997 the airbase was closed. Now the only thing left of the village of Eckweiler is the church and the graveyard. Once a year the former inhabitants of the village come together at the Eckweiler church.
Unsere alte Heimat - memorial plaque
The cache, #250!
Trying to find our way to Eckweiler.

Weinheim Trift Earthcache
March 9, 2005

Our first earthcache! - An earthcache ( is a special type of virtual cache which enables the visitor to view a special geo-science feature. The Weinheim Trift Earthcache shows part of the sea bottom as it existed 30 million years ago on what is now dry land. The "trift" contains many interesting fossils. To log this cache you must take a photo of yourself with your GPS in front of the "trift".
Another shot of the earthcache site
Der Wallende Born
March 8, 2005

The "Wallende Born", also called "Brubbel", in the village of Wallenborn is a cold water geyser erupting every 35 minutes up to 4 meters high. The cold water geyser is unique in Europe.
Little chapel in Wallenborn
To the cache!
The cache
GeoWolf 8: A Visit to Vianden
March 7, 2005

A street in Vianden
Vianden Castle
View over the town of Vianden
JC smells the cache
4x4 - On the trail we suddenly encountered this 4x4. Earlier on the small trails we'd already noticed his tracks sometimes no more than a couple of inches from the edge of the trail with ravines below. We'd wondered which daredevil was driving around here.
Another beautiful view - Note the track of the 4x4 getting close to the edge!
JC with the cache
Medieval View
March 6, 2005

Eltz Castle - The "Medieval View" cache is hidden close to "Burg Eltz", one of the most beautiful castles of Germany.
The cache
JC at the cache location
Another view on Eltz Castle and the Elzbach river from close to the cache location.
On our way back
Kaiser Karls Bettstatt
November 27, 2004

The cache location - The cache is hidden near a huge quartzite rock called "Kaiser Karls Bettstatt". Legend has it that Charlemagne (Kaiser Karl 742-814 AD) was forced to sleep a night on this rock when he and his men lost their way on a hunting trip in the moors.
Kaiser Karls Bettstatt
The Kaiser taking a nap
JC with the cache
The nearby village of Monschau
Beautiful Monschau by night
Mach mal Pause 2.../Have a break 2...
October 2, 2004

The "Kunstrasstätte" on the Autobahn A7 (see also Sept. 25)
The cache
Hackl Bobs Doping-Box
October 1, 2004

Olympia Bobbahn hut - This cache takes you to the old bobsledding site of the 1936 Winter Olympics, a "lost place" in the mountains above Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Olympia Bobbahn hut 2
The old bob track lift facility
The logbook
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 3
September 30, 2004

Germany's oldest linden tree - The cache is hidden close to this tree.
The village of Isny seen from the cache site.
Top Pfaender cache
September 30, 2004

View from the Pfaender mountain over Lake Constance and the town of Lindau.
The cache
September 29, 2004

Entering Hobbitland
Autumn crocusses. Aren't these supposed to bloom in springtime? Apparently not in Hobbitland.
Religious statue along the way
Little chapel at one of the waypoints
Hobbitland 2
The cache (SPOILER!)
The cache 2 (SPOILER!)
The monastery in the nearby village of Ettal
Oberstdorf Geocache
September 28, 2004

Oberstdorf street scene - The Oberstdorf Geocache leads you through this beautiful town and its surrounding nature.
Another street scene - In the background the ski jump can be seen. In 2005 the World Championship Nordic Skiing will be held in Oberstdorf.
Oberstdorfer Hutmacher
Wood carvings
The river Trettach - This is where the cache route takes you into nature.
View from the trail
The trail
The cache, the logbook and TB Mystery Machine
Liechtenstein's First
September 27, 2004

Narrow roads on our way to the cache
Little village in the Liechtenstein mountains. We're approximately half way there. Slowly our car climbs the steep road up to the cache location at Gaflei at 1500 meters height.
Beautiful view from Gaflei.
Another beautiful view from Gaflei.
View from the cache site
The cache
A succesful cache hunt , now shoes and tyres need to cool down.
The nearby village of Triesenberg
Down in the valley, Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.
September 27, 2004

JC at the border of the Principality of Liechtenstein with Austria
View from the cache site
The cache
Pirate's Eibsee Cache
September 26, 2004

Tyrol - On the way to Pirate's Eibsee Cache from our "basecamp" in Kempten, Germany we drove through Austria and passed some beautiful Tyrolean villages. Shown here is the village of Lermoos. The higher parts of the mountains were covered in freshly fallen snow.
On the trail to Pirate's Eibsee Cache - Apparently you'll need some special foot wear here in winter time...
Eibsee lake
Eibsee lake 2
Eibsee lake 3
Zugspitze - The Eibsee lies at the foot of Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze (2962m). Only every now and then the mountain revealed itself through the clouds, like here on our way back.
The cache and TB Jonjo's Right Shoe from the UK.
Lermoos again on another trip to the Eibsee a couple of days later.
Road to the Eibsee on October 1st. In just a couple of days autumn had turned many trees brightly yellow and red.
Eibsee lake on October 1st. The cache lies somewhere on the other side.
Mach mal Pause.../Have a break...
September 25, 2004

This is one of two quick "Have a break" caches on the German autobahn A7 between Ulm and Kempten. A nice break on a long drive through Germany. This "Have a break" cache is hidden near a Raststätte (a motorway restaurant) on the west lane of the A7. The other "Have a break" cache is hidden near a very special art-Raststätte on the other side of the autobahn (see october 2nd). This was the first cache on our 2004 Bavaria/Austria/Liechtenstein Geocaching Tour.
September 12, 2004

The geocache mobile at waypoint 1
Cache container #1 (SPOILER!)
Opened (SPOILER!)
Close up of content
Final cache
Beautiful cloud formations
The nearby Dutch village / Belgian enclave of Baarle-Nassau & Baarle Hertog
't Pataterieke in Baarle - Always favorite after a cache hunt; the fast food restaurant!
We Will Rock You!
July 24, 2004

Forest giant
Bilisse Rock
Path leading to the cache
JC with the cache - Cache #200!!
Solwaster Dolmen
July 24, 2004

Rock chapel in Solwaster
Trail markers
The dolmen
The cache
Beach Hut Hunt
July 18, 2004
Alter Vulkan
July 13, 2004

Old vulcano in the Siebengebirge near Bonn
The cache
July 13, 2004

The cache - Even though there aren't many photos for this cache hunt, this is one of the most beautiful caches we've ever done. The purpose of this cache is to bring you to the right place at the right moment, a moment when a beautiful wonder of nature unfolds. The cache is hidden in an area with a large population of fire flies. The cache is only there during the "fire fly season", starting around late June / early July and lasting only three to four weeks. In this period the fire flies are active (i.e. emit light) for about half an hour each night. We are lucky to have witnessed a show of the fire flies, thanks to this cache. How easy it would have been to miss this beautiful wonder of nature if it wasn't for this cache.
The cache has its own CD-rom packed with information and related items on fire flies.
Das Geisterdorf (Maginot 3)
May 22, 2004

The Ghost Town - The cache is hidden in a deserted military officers village (Maginotline, 1930s). For this multi several clues have to be found inside the houses. The cache itself is hidden in the cellar of one of the houses. Spooky stuff!
Ghost Town 2
Ghost Town 3
Ghost Town 4
Ghost Town 5
Ghost Town 6
JC with the cache - Do I look scared?
The cache
Dutch treasure
May 21, 2004

Close to the cache location
View from the cache location on the village of Gerardmer and its lake
The cache
Little Ariane
May 20, 2004

The cache location
The cache
La Combe
May 20, 2004

Cafe De Combe - This cache is hidden near the chapel of a hamlet called La Combe. A small mountain road leads to the hamlet. It's one of the most magical places we've ever seen. On the warm evening we were there crickets could be heard everywhere, and from the meadows the cows with their bells provided a very special, musical ambiance.
Cow bells
Cow with bell
La Combe chapel
The cache
Cave of Dorneck
May 20, 2004

Festivities at the cache starting point
The Dorneck Ruins
The Dorneck Ruins 2
The cache is hidden somewhere here
The cache
Grand Ventron
May 19, 2004

Looking down the path leading to the top of the Grand Ventron
JC at the top of Grand Ventron 1203mt
View on the cache location
JC at the cache location
The cache
May 19, 2004

Beautiful mountain meadows not far from the cache location
Close to the cache
The cache
Le Grand Ballon
May 17, 2004

On our way from the village of Gerardmer to the mountain Grand Ballon we passed the Roche du Diable
View from the Roche du Diable
Along the Route des Crêtes leading to the Grand Ballon
One of the beautiful views you'll get from the Routes des Crêtes
Another magnificent view
Route des Crêtes passing Hohneck mountain
The climb of the Grand Ballon begins. The virtual cache GC87B0 lies on top at a height of 1424 meters.
Breaking trail
We're getting higher and higher
The monument for the military battalion 'Diables Bleu' and the dome at the top are coming into sight!
The monument
Altitude: 1421 mt
JC in front of the monument
The dome
View from close to the top
Enjoying the view from the dome
Cadet Roussel
May 16, 2004
May 16, 2004

The cache
JC with the cache
Tendon Waterfalls
May 16, 2004

Nearby lake
Grande Cascade de Tendon
Enjoying the waterfall
Close to the cache location
The cache and travel bug Dino which we left here
High and Low
August 3, 2003

High! - JC showing the cache
August 3, 2003

The cache site
The cache
Milk cans and mailboxes
VCJ Tunnel
August 2, 2003

The tunnel
The cache
Spårvagnen (i Ulricehamn)
August 2, 2003

The micro cache
Morups Tånge
August 1, 2003

Morups Tånge
The cache
Taste of Salt
August 1, 2003

On our way to the cache
The cache and the logbook
View from the cache site
Old Mans Nose
August 1, 2003

Taking a rest at the cache site
Close to the cache site
The cache
Gamla Varberg
August 1, 2003

Climbing our way to the old signal post - In the old days a big fire was made at this signal post to warn the next signal post that warriors had been sighted being en route. The Swedish word for such a signal post was 'Wardh Berg', the 'mountain with the warning fire'. This gave the name to the nearby town of Varberg.
View from the top to the East
View from the top over the Kattegat
JC at the top with the cache
Millie Falls Underwater Cache
July 31, 2003

JC trying to get to the cache without getting wet feet
The cache
Hunters Hut
July 31, 2003

The hunters hut
Inside the hunters hut
Inside the hunters hut 2
This is where we found the cache (SPOILER!)
The cache and travel bug Siv-Eivor which we retrieved from the cache.

Röda näckrosor
July 30, 2003

Lake Fagertärn
Lake Fagertärn 2
Lake Fagertärn 3
Red water lilly - Lake Fagertärn and some smaller lakes in the vicinity are the only lakes in Sweden where red water lillies (röda näckrosor) can be found. In the Lake Fagertärn area both the water lilly Nymphaea alba (mostly found in southern Sweden) and the northern water lilly Nymphaea candida are present. Both are white-flowering water lilly species, but it is their hybrids (very common in the Lake Fagertärn area) which can be red-flowering. At the cache site we spotted several red water lillies.
Travel bug Chilly DeMoose from the US at the cache site. We left Chilly at the Röda näckrosor cache.
The cache and travel bug Chilly DeMoose.
Beautiful sunset near Karlsborg on our way back.
SÖRHAMN (Tiveden)
July 30, 2003

The cache and travel bug Lucky Buttermilk which we left here
Fyren (Karlsborg)
July 30, 2003

Close to the cache
JC at the cache site at the Göta Canal
The cache
July 30, 2003

Once upon a time the train came to Karlsborg. It doesn't anymore. Here JC can be seen at the old Karlsborg station where the micro cache is hidden.
The micro cache and its log
Ryds Kvarn
July 29, 2003

Ryds Kvarn
The cache
Baby toad
Trollsjön (Trollake)
July 29, 2003

On our way to Trollsjön
Troll Lake, that way! - Notice travel bug 'Pink Punky' from the Netherlands getting all excited getting so close to his Troll friends living at the lake.
Troll Lake
The cache
July 28, 2003

JC looking for the cache at the Brokvarn sawmill site
JC found the cache
Brokvarn water sawmill
Inside the sawmill
The cache - notice the 'Wet Feet Emergency Kit'
July 28, 2003

The Grimeton radio station - The Grimeton radio station was built in the 1920s to provide a telegraphy communications link between Sweden and the US. The longwave transmitter operated on 17.2 kHz.
Antenna - One of the more recently built antennas of Grimeton. Notice JC standing at the foot of the antenna.
The cache
The Cottage
July 28, 2003

Like a Swedish fairy tale after a walk through the forest suddenly the cottage shows up. An old lady lived in the cottage until 1933. It once was part of a lively hamlet.
A barn near the cottage
The cottage
Inside the cottage
Inside the cottage 2
Inside the cottage 3
The cache - JC's 100th cache!
Cranes - on our way to the cache we spotted these two cranes
July 26, 2003

Melbystrand 2
The cache - our first Swedish cache
June 26, 2003

Forest road in the 'Lilse Bergen' near the cache. In the forest we saw thousands of bright colored dragonflies and squirrels.
The cache
Rock Labyrinths
June 24, 2003

Our starting point
JC and the 'Predictstuhl'
We entered the rock labyrinth
Rock labyrinth 1
Rock labyrinth 2
Rock labyrinth 3
Rock labyrinth 4
Rock labyrinth 5
Rock labyrinth 6
Rock labyrinth 7
Rock labyrinth 8
Rock labyrinth 9
The 'Werschrumm Schluff'
The cache
On our way back 1 - Beaufort Castle
On our way back 2 - near Diekirch
Windsborn Crater Lake
June 21, 2003

The Windsborn Crater Lake - vulcano crater filled up with water. The vulcano has been dormant for the past 24,000 years. It's one of the highest vulcanos in the Vulkaneifel region. The last eruption in the Vulkaneifel region took place 8000 years ago.
The logbook
Geyser at N50º 09.239' E006º 43.219' in the nearby village of Wallenborn. The 'Brubbel' cold water geyser erupts every 35 minutes, and is unique in Europe. The strength of the eruption varies, and the spout can be much higher than seen in this photo.
Brubbel almost at the end of its show
Warning sign
Village of Wallenborn
A Walk Through Target
May 18, 2003

JC has arrived in Doel ("Target"). In 1998 the Belgian government decided that in order to make the expansion of the Antwerp harbor possible, the complete village of Doel will have to disappear. Within a few years, the village will be wiped off the map and will turn into a large container terminal. Many of the inhabitants of Doel have already moved, and many parts of the village already resemble a ghost town. Walking through the village you get this uncanny feeling you won't get anywhere else.
Old and new - waypoint 1, a windmill from the 17th century. In the background a nuclear power plant...
Stop the madness! Doel stays! - close to waypoint 3
Skipper at waypoint 4
Ghosts are the only guests of hotel Jagersrust these days...
The seventh has probably already left Doel...
The cache
Snoopy Cache
April 13, 2003

Altitude 275 meters - viewpoint at the cache location
The view
The cache
The village of Spa not too far from the cache location
Singing Waters
April 13, 2003

Our starting point, a little village in the Ardennes
Team Johny Cache & Team EEG in front of the 'chantoir' at the cache location
The cache
March 9, 2003

View from the parking place on St.Pierre mountain. Down below are the Albert Canal, the village of Lanaye in Belgium, and in the background the river Maas and the village of Eijsden in the Netherlands.
The caves of St.Pierre mountain
Exploring one of the caves near the cache
The cache
November 23, 2002

The ferry "Juliusplate" arriving to take us to Blumenthal, Bremen (where the cache is located) on the other side of the river Weser.
Crossing the Weser
The U-boot bunker "Valentin" by night. The cache is named after this huge and impressive WWII building!
The cache
November 23, 2002

The Silver Lake with a view to the cache location
The Silver Lake - it should be called Emerald Lake!
The Emerald Lake shrouded in hazy autumn light
The lake seen from the cache location
The cache
The Rapunzel Cache
November 3, 2002

On our way to the cache - watch out for jaywalking ducks and ducklings!
Fairy tale castle
Another fairy tale scene, all not far from the cache
Just passing through - does anybody know where Rapunzel lives?
Gazebo in the fairy tale castle garden
Staircase - does it lead to Rapunzel's place?
This is where Rapunzel lives - look closely and you'll see her golden plaits of hair (SPOILER!)
The cache
Castle on the Rocks
September 28, 2002

The castle ruins where the cache is hidden nearby
The cache
La vallée
September 28, 2002

Crossing the Hoegne River by car
Beautiful Hoegne Valley, Ardennes
Marie Henriette Cascades
Crossing the Hoegne River on foot - on our way to the cache
The cache
The Growing Falls
July 26, 2002

The cache area
The Growing Falls
The cache
Most Western German Cache
July 14, 2002

the westernmost point of Germany
The micro-cache and its contents in the back of my car
Bentheimer Zandsteen
May 17, 2002

The gorge - the cache is hidden at the bottom of this gorge
Norway #2 - Vesterålen
April 8, 2002

As close as we could get by car
'Uvershula', that way!
'Uvershula', the cache location
Inside Uvershula
August 27, 2001

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